#5 & #6 Love of your life... Dressing up. in DeJoMo 2018

  • Dec. 6, 2018, 3:07 p.m.
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So totally was not in the head space to do yesterday’s question. A lot was going on BUT I’m still determine to keep at this till the end…

Have you found the love of your life?
Nope I haven’t. Butttt… have I found someone I think I have a great connection with, and could possibly take that next step with. Yeah

Today’s ACTUAL question

Do you like to get dressed up?
It depends on my mood. Because some days I am a throw on whatever my hands grab type or I actually do take the time to pick out something cute. Definitely if I’m going somewhere “fancy” I sure WILL dress up. But usually I’m a leggings/shorts and shirt type of gal. I will still accessorize with jewelry and put some mascara or eye liner on though because my clothes may look bummy but the face must ALWAYS be cute. Okrrrrt!😂

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