Short-Lived in My Life

  • Dec. 4, 2018, 10:06 a.m.
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I wrote something on the 1st which I kept private.

I posted the photos on the second.

I had time during the day yesterday to write but spent the available time between patients watching Netflix and catching up on financial news. I sold some ATT and one share of Apple to have the funds ready for the RMD that comes out on the 12th.

I had some left-over tortellini for lunch and snacked on some Chex-Mix during the day. Afternoon came and I started having significant discomfort internally on my right side from below my rib-cage to my inguinal canal. It felt like the precursor to the the very real and excruciating pain of the kidney stones I’ve experienced before.

I went home and went to bed. I hate to say it or actually believe there is a correlation, and realize I’m not getting any younger, but (and sorry for the TMI) I had gas like I’ve never had before. The most disconcerting thing about gas these days is the ever present question of; ‘Is it going to just be gas?’. We were supposed to go to our neighborhood monthly meeting. I got up in time to go but Diana graciously offered to ‘represent’ us. I took her up on her generosity. The discomfort in my side had eased a bit but I was still not feeling quite like myself. We’re members of the board but we are about to let go of that responsibility.

I read for a bit in bed. I could have used my Air and did some writing but I have a ‘principle’ of not having ‘screens’ in the bedroom (with the exception of Kindles).

I want to develop the habit of unwinding and recounting aspects of my day at my computer in the den/office.

With all the inclement weather I’ve used the opportunity to catch up on all the paperwork and record-keeping that I’ve neglected all year. I kind of like seeing where all our money went in a summation like that. It is also a ‘head-scratcher’ to realize ‘We only bought that this year??’.

Obviously I’m forgetting much more than I remember.

I dreamed of being in bed with Julie. Why can’t I forget everything about her?

I also dreamed of being in Texas and admitting to being a Democrat.

gattaca December 04, 2018

Your thought processes vis-a-vis errant internal GI goings on exactly echo mine. In my case it was gall bladder.

woman in the moon December 04, 2018

Bless you.

Deleted user December 06, 2018


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