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  • Nov. 25, 2018, 11:44 a.m.
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Well. I didnt do any abs work yesterday at all.
and thank god!

Today, my sides (obliques, I guess) are so freaking sore from hitting soft balls that it hurts to blow my nose. lol

As many of you already know, since I lost my house after the divorce, I’ve been renting my mom’s old house. And it has 3 storage sheds that she has stuff in, which has made it really hard for me b/c there is no good place to store my things.

It’s a really frustrating situation b/c I have to respect her things, but she keeps saying, yeah, I need to go through it and it never happens.

Anyhow, I had a thought. you know how it just comes to you all of a sudden, in the middle of the night, like blam!

And it was this: I thought I remembered seeing a weight bench stuffed away somewhere.

So I went to the patio the other evening and I found a bunch of plate weights in a cabinet. It was too dark for me to be searching the storage units, but it made me think I wasn’t imagining the weight bench.

Yesterday, I went out there and low and behold… there WAS a weight bench. Its a 140 Weider bench. It has the leg press and chest fly pieces to it, as well as the bar bell holder. Im probably not explaining it very well, but its smallish, but it has a few extras.

I pulled it out and today sometime, I’ll get out there and clean it up. I need to tighten some of the screws and it may be missing a couple of parts for the chest flys. I also want to duct tape the padding on the leg press piece b/c the foam is old and a little brittle.

I’m sort of excited about it.

I think I need a barbell though, I didnt see one, though I didnt really look to hard after pulling out the bench.

Now I have no excuse for not exercising here or at the gym lol

So far I have:
-an exercise ball
-yoga mats
-stretch straps
-exercise straps
-15 pound kettle ball
-5 pound hand weights
-plate weights
-weight bench

I might move all this stuff into my family room.

That room is such a mess. I’m still, after all of these years trying to figure it out lol ah well.

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hippiechica15 November 25, 2018

Nice find!!

Happy Girl November 27, 2018


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