8th: If you could go to any timeline/alternate dimension, were would you be? Write about your life there. in NoJoMo 2018

  • Nov. 9, 2018, 12:01 p.m.
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Well I think I’ve mentioned before the first place I’d go in a time machine is the future to see how the first quarter of 21st century is remembered.

But I wouldn’t live there. I think I’d quite like to live in the past. But quite honestly, I’ve been drinking since 9.30am and it’s now 11pm. I’m meant to be dancing and quite frankly I cannot be arsed.

Sorry. Maybe I’ll come back to this prompt and update it. Read my others, especially last year… They’re much better entries!

My sister and brother in law are wonderful. I cried so much in the ceremony!

The wedding is beautiful.

We’re all beautiful.

It’s pretty much perfect!

Anyway, Michael Jackson is starting…

Vixn November 09, 2018

Hope you had a wonderful time!!

Domino Vixn ⋅ November 09, 2018

Yeah I did. Thank you😘

Gilraent November 11, 2018


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