NJM 8 in NoJoMo 2018

  • Nov. 8, 2018, 4:29 p.m.
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Prompt: If you could go to any timeline/alternate dimension, were would you be? Write about your life there.

I have no brain, so I’m not going to do the prompt. Maybe later, but not right now.

I feel like crap physically, and I’ve noticed that as the weeks have moved on (well, the past two weeks) my depression is deepening. My pdoc appointment is next week, so that’s good. I guess I’ll try to get in with idjit doctor for at least some trigger point injections. I’ll mention that the pain and fatigue is getting worse. Not that it will do me a lick of good. She won’t do anything about it. Fuck, she probably won’t even chart it.

I’ve been laying down at about 5 in the evening the past two weeks. I don’t even want to find funny memes, and I’m all about stupid memes.

I did get some Zmas cards, so I am going to make out at least one page (or maybe letter) in my address book right after I write this. Just put on some music and make sure everything is all nice and glittery. lol

See ya.

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