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  • Nov. 8, 2018, 3:34 p.m.
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Quick one because it honestly feels like 9am but it’s 2 already??? I haven’t done anything today.

Monday - Timmy asked me when I was free to hang out next. I told him any day but Friday. He didn’t respond back. We talked some on Tuesday/Wednesday then yesterday.... we didn’t talk much but I figured being it’s getting close to the weekend, I’ll see what’s going on. I’m a planner. Can’t help it. So I ask him when he’s free to hang and he says, “Friday”

Oh cool. This again.

I said, “That was the one day I couldn’t hang.... well, I COULD but it would be kinda super late”

And he said, “I’m good with Saturday night too”

Oh good :)

So we agreed with Saturday night. He asks me what I want to do and I tell him anything and asked if he had suggestions. He said, “Nothing comes to mind right now. What time would you be home on Friday night?”

I immediately get disappointed because I assume he’d rather hang on Friday which would be late so it basically means less time with him. I tell him, “I’m not really sure but it’s my nephew’s birthday so probably at least 10ish. Does Friday just work better for you?”

And he says, “Why not both?”


I… didn’t even realize that was an option but OKAY :D

Isn’t this so sad?! It’s been.... what? 13-14 months since I started actively trying to date and this is legit the first weekend I’m going to be spending with a guy. I’m just really excited. (And I really hope he wants to go see the Grinch with me because that’s legit all I wanna do. Hahaha)

The only thing is … I’m kind of ditching out on my family.
I’ll probably end up leaving my nephew’s birthday celebrations early (because we had planned for going OUT OUT (after dinner) so like 1am home time but to be fair - I didn’t really want to go out out. I’m trying to behave on this diet which means less drinking). Anddddd I was supposed to go with my sister on Saturday to get the twin’s pictures done. She doesn’t really need my help at this point. It’s just that I’ve gone to every single photoshoot they’ve done so it’s more so me WANTING to go then her needing me to go. But it’s a mini session so it lasts about 20-30 minutes so is it worth giving up a night/half day with Timmy? I feel really bad though. I wish we were at the stage where meeting family was acceptable because I would just make him run with me really quick.

progress 5 days ago

fingers crossed.

wintergrey 5 days ago

I think at this stage you and Timmy need to invest some time into each other. You can always hang with your family, but go out and have fun with Timmy! That's more important right now. x

SilentEcho 5 days ago

Dude spend time with the dude! At some point you need to break that cord with family that's so tight so you can do your own thing and eventually have a family too! :)

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