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  • Nov. 8, 2018, 12:37 p.m.
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I have a 4 month check up with my primary care physician, at 2:45pm. I will be taking the bus, after my appointment. Because at 3pm, the driver will be heading back to her office.
The nurse practitioner upped my Benztropine from 1 milligram twice a day, to 2 milligrams twice a day. It is for the Restless Leg Syndrome, which is prevalent for clients who, for what ever reason, are on an antipsychotic medication. I take it for Bipolar 1 Disorder. I take Wellbutrin for depression, Vistaril for anxiety and sleeplessness. I also take Olanzapine, which is the generic for Zyprexa.
Since I have been on these new medications, I have had drowsiness, dry mouth, RLS, and waking up thinking that it is SAturday, when in reality, it is a weekday.
I will be talking to Bear, and all of a sudden I will be drawing a complete blank on what I am talking about, or finding the right words to say. One of the medications that I take reduce s the amount of Acetylcholine. I attribute my new medications to my new prescriptions. I guess I have to take the bad with the good, because I am at least functioning. Yes, the majority are fine.
I apologize for being away from Prose Box. Something was holding me back. On the new medications, it seems as if I can actually get absorbed in the shows on my tv. And I usually end up taking an afternoon nap, from being up all night with RLS.

Things are starting to get better, not just for myself, but for Bear as well. Have a good day! :)

Purple Dawn November 10, 2018

I guess one has to decide if the benefits of the medication outweigh the side effects. That's what my Dr tells me anyways

silken December 05, 2018

Hope you are well. I miss your posts.

chocolatechip silken ⋅ 3 days ago

Thank you for your note.

Happy Girl December 14, 2018

Hope all is well w/you. You haven't posted in awhile.

chocolatechip Happy Girl ⋅ 3 days ago

Thank you for your note

^..^Kat 1 day ago

I loved seeing your smile on my comments this morning. I hope you are doing well and are coming back, I really miss you.

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