Prompt List 2018 in OctoPhoMo 2018

  • Sept. 22, 2018, 8:33 p.m.
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Keep in mind you can interpret these prompts however you like. There really are no wrong interpretations in my book! So take as broad or as narrow a view of them as you want.

Oct 01 Black OR Orange

Oct 02 Truth OR Lies

Oct 03 Outdoor OR Indoor

Oct 04 Feline OR Canine

Oct 05 Tooth OR Nail

Oct 06 Smile OR Snarl

Oct 07 Fact OR Fiction

Oct 08 River OR Bridge

Oct 09 Boat OR Car

Oct 10 Life OR Death

Oct 11 Earth OR Air

Oct 12 Fire OR Water

Oct 13 Morning Sky OR Evening Sky

Oct 14 Friend OR Stranger

Oct 15 Temporary OR Permanent

Oct 16 Fair OR Theme Park

Oct 17 Cheese OR Wine

Oct 18 Tangled OR Straight

Oct 19 Glossy OR Matte

Oct 20 Junior OR Senior

Oct 21 Sugar OR Spice

Oct 22 Flying OR Falling

Oct 23 Nature OR Nurture

Oct 24 Baked Goods OR Candy

Oct 25 Ghost OR Ghoul/Goblin

Oct 26 Owl OR Bat

Oct 27 Snails OR Puppy Dog Tails

Oct 28 Broomstick OR Spell

Oct 29 Silly OR Spooky

Oct 30 Witch’s Brew OR Blood Pudding

Oct 31 Halloween OR All Saints

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