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  • Sept. 15, 2018, 1:21 p.m.
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Hey photogs!

Thus begins the seventh annual October Photography Month! Welcome back to the old-timers and simply welcome to any newcomers we have! I hope this year will be fun for everyone as usual! I’m opening sign ups to anyone on any platform (Open Diary included).

I’ve had a few participants on FB and Blogspot so this won’t be the first year we’ve had people participating on different platforms. The daily entries will still only be posted here. This will always be home base. Leave your name and I’ll add you! The prompt list will be posted soon.

Please Read:

FAQ. If you have a question and you don’t see it on there then ask away.

Rules. What is and isn’t acceptable during the event (mostly common sense).


Last updated September 22, 2018

Luna Leanne 🌈 September 15, 2018 (edited September 15, 2018)


Count me in as always I am down ☺.

OctoPhoMo Luna Leanne 🌈 ⋅ September 15, 2018


Luna Leanne 🌈 OctoPhoMo ⋅ September 15, 2018

Thanks as always :)

Luna Leanne 🌈 OctoPhoMo ⋅ September 16, 2018


rbjlovesllj September 15, 2018

I am so ready.

OctoPhoMo rbjlovesllj ⋅ September 15, 2018


rbjlovesllj OctoPhoMo ⋅ September 15, 2018


ManitouWolf September 15, 2018

I'm game! :) Count me in.

OctoPhoMo ManitouWolf ⋅ September 15, 2018


Nin September 15, 2018

Im here, im here!! Wouldnt miss it for anything!

OctoPhoMo Nin ⋅ September 15, 2018

Already on the list!

Exhumed By Scrying Eyes September 15, 2018

I'm in like a bellybutton.

OctoPhoMo Exhumed By Scrying Eyes ⋅ September 15, 2018


Exhumed By Scrying Eyes OctoPhoMo ⋅ November 11, 2018

I know you'll say I don't have to, but I apologize for not participating; I was really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, life happened.

Hopefully I'm not banned from participating in DecPhoMo if I'm able. ;)

I like doing these, it's motivating.

OctoPhoMo Exhumed By Scrying Eyes ⋅ November 18, 2018

It is motivating! That's why I started participating way back in 2008. These kinds of events are great fun. Sign up for DePhoMo has been posted!

DevilishlyInnocent September 15, 2018


OctoPhoMo DevilishlyInnocent ⋅ September 16, 2018

Added! :)

Jafael September 17, 2018

I'm in!

Saraallie September 28, 2018

I am back :D I'd lover to join in this year too!
As always I'll be posting my prompts (hopefully on time) on my blog at :D Add me too please!

OctoPhoMo Saraallie ⋅ September 29, 2018

Yayy! So glad to see you and your sister back! I always look forward to your pictures! :)

Saraallie OctoPhoMo ⋅ October 02, 2018

Thank youuuuu for appreciating and for hosting this super awesome photography month :D
This year my life is super hectic! I was wondering, is it okay if I post a day ahead? Since I'm posting all in the same blog post you can still just pick the one that goes with the day's prompt. I will try to stay on track but in case ... :D You know?

OctoPhoMo Saraallie ⋅ October 03, 2018

No worries! Participate however and whenever you can. :D

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