A little bit of weather. in A small but passable life.

  • Aug. 9, 2018, 8:04 p.m.
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Last week was weather. Another all time high set for a day in 1995. Another day tying a record. Now twenty-one days this year over 110 degrees. A new record set for all time overnight high temp- 95 degrees. It beat the old record by two degrees.

And storms one night that torched four houses and ignited two palm trees in the city.

I’ve got a couple of days reading to finish the current novel and the library has sent me an email saying I’ve got a novel waiting. Perfect timing.

Yesterday while Mom was getting her nails done I wandered around Walmart. I ended up buying some odds and ends for the car and found a Sterilite plastic tub. The label on it said it was 13 1/4 inches tall. Perfect. Or so I thought until I went to put it under my bed platform which I built at 13 1/4 inches tall. Nope. The tub was 13 3/8 inches tall. I ended up with the tub under the bed and the lid up in the attic. Whatever.

I got the tub to store my camp/home kitchen. None of it except for two stainless steel mixing bowls is in use here. I’ve kept my backpacking cook kit separate: cook pot w/lid, collapsible silicone cup, plastic knife spoon and fork, aluminum coffee pot, and four Smartwater bottles.

The only personal kitchen items I’m using here are my cobalt blue 12oz. drinking glass, my favorite black ceramic 12oz. coffee cup, and the green ceramic bowl Daughter bought me at Dollar Tree.

I left my cast iron skillet, my silverware, and my can opener with Daughter.

I guess I could shove the now full storage tub up into the attic. Until I need it someday. Probably never again.

Better Call Saul has started up again and I can’t find a bootleg stream that works.

Simple Mind posted something about RYN’s from the old OD days. What was the argument? Oh yeah, what it really stood for. There was the “Replying to Your Note” camp and the “Regarding Your Note” camp. I was with the latter, of course. Where’s the “t” in “RYN”? Yeah the stupid shit we were RYNing each other about in the good old OD days.

Just don’t bring back the old cutter vs. scratcher argument! That was a doozy.

The car is one month and one week old. 199 miles on the odometer.

Anyway, I think I’ll sit right here for a bit.

anguissette August 11, 2018

That's funny, I always thought RYN was "returning your note". haha!

Neogy Titwhistle anguissette ⋅ August 11, 2018

You are right. That was a third option. All theories as to the true meaning were thoroughly debated!

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