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  • Aug. 9, 2018, 4:12 p.m.
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Every aspect of my life has some news at the moment!

Family - Riley and Miss E are coming home tonight!! Oh my heart. They say it may be late, so I might not be awake when they get in, but their grandparents have a key. Dolly and Boo shouted hooray. They’ve missed both, but the darling Miss E the most.

In other news, Dolly and Boo are grounded today due to their relentlessly horrific behavior at the grocery store. I’ve been telling them ghost stories and they’ve been playing make believe games all evening. Last I checked they were playing house. Boo was the daddy and Dolly his baby lol. Adorable! I always say I wanted boy-girl twins and they are the closest I will ever get. They’re not only very close in age but look and act alike!

School - I heard back from my enrollment adviser that I will NOT be able to start in September after all. I’ll have to wait until the beginning of October for one reason and one reason only - the podunk community college I first attended hasn’t gotten around to SNAIL-MAILING my transcripts.

They already received the transcripts from the university I graduated from weeks ago! But backwards podunk community colleges have apparently never heard of emailing transcripts - in 2018!

But this is fine. It gives me time to finally get some appointments taken care of (I am WAY overdue for a gyn check up!) and get settled with a part-time job before I get back to school. Plus I could use some me time while the kids are in school and I really look forward to that. I plan to join a small neighborhood gym. And if I work very hard I can still get my classes done in roughly the same time frame I had planned, so I’m not too concerned.

Marriage - Sometimes he is so good and kind and genuinely seems to love and appreciate me. He can keep this up for months and months until I feel comfortable committing to him again. But I’m not stupid or forgetful. I know eventually the other shoe will dropped and that deep down he hasn’t changed at all! Still I enjoy this reprieve while it lasts, especially since I have so much to do and can’t leave right now anyway. He is working a lot and I don’t mind. I think that’s another reason we’re getting along so well - he’s hardly ever home!

The Question I never heard back about it from D. He’s dropping off the face of the earth again and I’ve had it. I told him I don’t need this and wrote a post where he could read it (on another blog) telling him goodbye and explaining why I am done with his nonsense. We have a LONG history of me trying to be his friend/lover and him giving me just enough to keep me hanging on and then shutting me out! He did write me back, but only to say that he hasn’t been good at keeping in touch with anyone and it has been “causing drama” in his life. IE, he’s been so withdrawn he’s probably losing yet another girlfriend over it! I feel bad for him in a way, but not TOO bad since when he dumped me he said it was because he “wasn’t ready for a relationship”. Except that apparently he went straight into another relationship and posted pics of them together all over his Facebook. For someone who doesn’t intend to hurt people, he sure knows how to hurt people!

I feel sad that my perfect plan will not work out. But I know I can do this on my own anyway and perhaps it’s better this way. I’ll feel better about myself to know I did it all on my own. But the truth is I still wish I didn’t have to! Still hate being alone!

Mister M I was so excited to FINALLY be able to spend the night with him this coming weekend and now that can’t happen. He has a wedding to go to with his primary on Saturday. He thought it was going to be in the morning but it’s going to be an ALL DAY thing and he doesn’t believe they’ll get back early enough for him to see me. But he promised to take me out for dinner on Sunday so I’ll at least have that. Next time we get a hotel together I am going to rip his clothes off the minute the door shuts behind us because there is only so much waiting I can take!

More shocking news about Mister M to come…but that’s going to need its own post!

UPDATE JUST NOW - Riley and Miss E are HOME!!!! :) <3

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