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  • Aug. 9, 2018, 5:40 p.m.
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Today, I made “Sunday Dish Dinner” (beef and gravy) in my slow cooker and served it with deli coleslaw. Bear came over to have some. While he was eating, I delivered some meals to people in the building with whom I am friends.
I started the paperwork process for the new agency (behavioral health). Talk about a big packet! I called my other sister to ask her about some things that I needed to know about our family’s medical history.
Wheeling sister had a biopsy today. I am going to phone her tomorrow. She would know more about any psychological diagnoses in the family.
Tomorrow, I am going to make Heloise’s “No-Bake Cherry Pineapple Nut Cake” recipe. It is one of those older dump cake recipes. Both the Sunday Dish Dinner recipe and the dump cake recipe can be found in my profile, if you go back through its archives. Actually, I have posted many tried and true recipes in the years that I have been a Prose Box member.
Have a good day, afternoon, evening or night…….depending on your time zone! :)

Deleted user August 09, 2018

I hate new patient paperwork. Ugh, so loooong.

Dinner sounds goo! And since we're over 100° here bake anything sounds good.

chocolatechip Deleted user ⋅ August 10, 2018

Thank you for your note, October Rust. Both recipes are tried and true "keepers".

^..^Kat August 10, 2018

I'm filling out insurance paperwork for my new job. It's so tedious! That dump cake sounds good, I might make one this weekend.

chocolatechip ^..^Kat ⋅ August 10, 2018

It is very tedious. Good luck with your new job. :) I made the dump cake, this morning. I am waiting for it to cool.

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