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  • Aug. 8, 2018, 4:38 p.m.
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The only thing I hate about going outside is tanning in odd places and having patches of my skin turn the nutty color of acorns, or, I guess, the color of nuts in general.

Apparently, cucumbers, potatoes, lemons, and baking soda all help fade tans. I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll go swimsuit shopping, AND go to the grocery for some cucumbers, AND then maybe go somewhere else in Downtown, since the bus pass makes it so simple.

Anyway, taking the bus Downtown became very simple once I purchased a day pass. I enjoy rides on public transit, because it’s so routine: always the same route, on the same roads, with the same stops, just multiple buses looping around the same path over and over, every day without fail. The monotony comforts me; I don’t know how else to explain it.

I made the stupid mistake of walking forty minutes to the wrong damn place, which is probably another reason why the front of my chest tanned so badly today. It was interesting, though, just because I walked through neighborhoods, and the houses were very small and colorful and often overgrown with cacti or other plants.

I took the bus to the right place eventually, and it was wonderful because I had been nervous about asking someone to take my picture in front of the mural, but there was a group of four that just got there, and I asked the dad to take one! He was very nice and jovial about it– very dad-like. I then got a large lemonade from the coffee shop, which was delicious because lemonade is God’s drink and is always good, and sat for a while before traipsing up and down the busy street, looking at the stores. It was terribly sunny, and there wasn’t much shade, which is probably another reason I got tan… I was wearing a tank top and a long, long-sleeved blouse thing over, which is why only a certain rectangle of my chest tanned.

On the street I passed three dudes in black shirts, which I didn’t notice at first until one of them, a skinny blonde dude, stopped me and asked me if I loved animals, to which I said yes. He basically just asked me to support the ASPCA, and when I said I would, he gave me a high-five and said he knew I was a great person and to have a great day, which was really funny. Dude, it was so cute how enthusiastic he seemed to be about his cause; it just made me really happy to encounter him.
[Okay, I’d also like to say that I have like. Strange (I don’t want to say low) standards for attractiveness in boys, because I find a lot of random boys/men cute, like the ASPCA dude today.]

I wasn’t sure where I should go for lunch. At first I considered having ice cream for lunch, but I looked at the pricing and gave that idea up, since it was almost $4 for a “tiny” size cup with added sprinkles. I also would have felt guilty towards my mom about eating cold food for lunch right after my period. So I went to a pizza store instead, where a lady employee was super nice, and let me look at the menu until I ordered a slice of cheese pizza and another lemonade, because I felt like the pizza needed a drink to wash it down. They were both very yummy, although the pizza slice (which had a fantastic thin and crispy crust) was so big, I barely finished it, which maybe also had something to do with the fact that I had drunk so much lemonade? I was seated among a table of Chinese tourists, who didn’t realize I was Chinese until I asked them if they wanted me to move when they were taking group pictures, and I was afraid I might be in their way. The pizza, I think, was a better deal than the ice cream, since it was cheaper, but definitely more filling than the ice cream could have been.

After leaving the shop, I’d been on the right side of the road for the direction of the bus, but I walked to the end of that side to see if there was anything else to see. But since my phone was dying, I just walked back the same way. After finishing the lemonade from the pizza store (because I didn’t want to carry it onto the bus home), I turned around to throw it in the trash, and a dude who was walking saw my patchwork bag and said he liked it, which was cool, although when I said thank you I covered my mouth because the last bit of ice from the lemonade was in it… ever so slightly awkward. Then I took the bus, transferred once, and then got back and showered (and noticed the tan lines that I now can’t stop thinking about– I have sock lines, shorts lines, T-shirt sleeve lines, and now the rectangle chest lines). And then of course, like all narcissistic late millennials, I made the obligatory Insta post of myself and the iconic mural.

It was a fun and, I think, rather productive day.

I did call my mom in the morning, and it makes me kind of mad how boring it is where my parents live, especially since they only have one kid at home now: my younger sister. I can’t imagine how bored out of her mind she must be having nowhere to go and literally no one to talk to her; when I was with them, I was an extra voice singing, ranting, rambling, whatever. It makes me feel slightly guilty to think that I’m rather glad I’m not the youngest child, so I don’t have to be the last one left at home with my parents. Well, I would be fine if it was just my mom, since we get along swell, but when my dad is added in, it becomes very awkward, because I don’t talk much with him, but he doesn’t like hearing my mom and me talk a lot either, because he thinks we’re noisy.

On Friday I’ll be going out with my friend!!!! I’m SO HAPPY I get to see her here. We’re not quite sure where we even want to go together… museums, or shopping, or eating, or whatever, but I don’t mind; there’s lots to do here, we’ll figure something out. I’ll also have to ask how she wants to meet up– like, if I’ll take the bus to Downtown and then meet her somewhere, or if she’ll drive to pick me up, or what.

Lastly, I know I’ve said this in the past like five journals, but I really, really, really need to buy a swimsuit. I really want to go swimming in this natural springs pool place that I’m pretty sure I can take the bus to.

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