Contributor Agreement in Writing

  • July 11, 2018, 3:28 p.m.
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They still have to go through and edit the essays, but I’m sending in my contributors agreement tomorrow via actual mail!!!! I’m going to be published!! How exciting!! The book is slated to come out next year and so far the working title is : “A Collection of Essays on Eating Disorder Recovery” by Catherine Brown and Christine Tinker

And I titled my essay “Blue Dragonfly”

Of course it doesn’t pay (most do so with my luck…) But they will send me a copy of the book when it is released so at least I’ll have a copy of my published essay.

Ahh so exciting!!!

(ironically in other news....) I feel faaaat. fat fat fat.

Been eating out more, exercising even less than before.

So it isn’t an unexpected outcome. I haven’t actually gained more than a pound but I feel so damn bloated and huge from it.

Truth be told, I was hoping not binging would help me lose but it hasn’t made much impact other than five or six pounds.


I’m too old for this shit. And yet..... I doubt it will ever be far from my thoughts.

Food is my heroin.

I just want to be healthy, really, and not look like a fat lard ball.
Gah idk how R ever looks at me, let alone touches me. Bleehhhh.

He really is amazing though, used all my luck up finding that one!!!

santa monica July 11, 2018

that is fucking awesome! Congratulations, my friend!

SweeterYet santa monica ⋅ July 26, 2018

thank you!!! Ahh I don't want to wait!! I keep obsessively checking my email for her editing notes! Ahh patience is not a virtue of mine lol

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