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  • June 29, 2018, 11:01 a.m.
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Well okay I guess I did bang Misha the other night but it was not a noteworthy experience. And I banged LP Monday night, Tuesday morning AND last night hahahaha how is banging dudes on the regz something that has become something unnoteworthy to me suddenly.

I am kinda sore now, though. I haven’t had sex this often in one week in a long time and my body’s not used to it. Thank God LP is smaller than Misha because otherwise I would probably be in legitimate pain as I try to walk.

I SLEPT LIKE AN ABSOLUTE TURD FACTORY LAST NIGHT which is so fucking dumb because i was EXHAUSTED.

But, I hung out with LP and didn’t get home till 11:30. Which means I didn’t have a chance to wind down before hitting the sack, which means my brain was still in Go Mode for an hour or more, and then I fell into a fucked up half-sleep, OF COURSE.

It’s fine, y’all. I’ll live.


The rest of this entry is about diet garbage


Man. I tried butter coffee today just to see what it’s like. But I added a small amount of sugar because I STILL CAN. And DAMN that shit was delicious.

Like of course drinking butter for breakfast is delicious but DAMN THIS IS DEFINITELY MY NEW LIFESTYLE CHOICE.

Of course, I don’t normally eat breakfast. So drinking butter for breakfast because it suppresses appetite until lunch is not gonna be helpful for someone who doesn’t eat until lunch anyway, LOL. So if I go back to my regular diet after keto and then just ADD A 250 CALORIE BUTTER DRINK TO MY MORNINGS it’s certainly not gonna do me any favors. But fuck it. LOL. It was so good.

After work today, I’m hitting the grocery store. Then going home and clearing out my fridge of anything I’m not allowed to eat, and make sure everything’s ready to start this shit.

It’s been so, SO long since I’ve tried to like… do anything hard? That involves willpower? LOL. Running involved some willpower, but this is changing a huge part of my life and will affect my entire day. Which is GOOD, because something has to feel like a huge PROJECT for my motivation to stick. I’m kinda excited for this.

I’m not an idiot and I don’t think this will ~change my life~. I’ve been down that road dozens of times, where I think a sudden, unsustainable change will actually help me in the long-term. But it’ll be a reminder that I can change stuff at all, even in the short-term, which is something I haven’t felt sure about in years.

Ugh fuck, Pacey ACTUALLY remembered part of his job, which means I have to go do mine sooner than I wanted to. Ha ha. Bye.

Firebabe June 29, 2018


Wieb an Sich June 29, 2018

I cannot see an emoji of an aubergine without thinking about sex! I must stop! I should be thinking: "Ooh, aubergine = moussaka!" :)

Empire of Lights June 29, 2018

Ugggggh puke @ butter coffee.

Teflon Superhero June 29, 2018

Get some Kerry gold (I think that's the name) butter. Bomb af in coffee

Deleted user June 29, 2018

Yeah, you're spot on about keto. It's not going to "~change your life~" or anything like that, or at least not in the way that people THINK they mean when they say that in a tone saturated with optimism and fleeting hope. But temporarily, things will be a-changin', especially if you really give it the time to do its thing. It's not an overnight change, but it's PRETTY fast-acting for most people. The only reason my weight loss game took so long is because I went through a period of trial & error, then starting & stopping, and then FINALLY I just couldn't handle the three-day liquid shits (nausea and headaches as well) and have mostly given up foods (even for "breaks") I truly love in order to stay on track. Butter coffee is fab! And so is eating cheese like it's going out of style! Is this the great missing link/secret to life? Nah. It's a diet. A pretty powerful and effective diet, but a diet in all the ways that make dieting complicated and annoying sometimes. It's going to alter your mind and body fo' sho', and if you want to keep the weight off after deciding to re-introduce certain carbs into your life, like bread, you gotta be aware of what that'll take - and I haven't really gotten that far yet, so I dunno what life will be like for me if/when I just stop doing this. Depending on how long you wanna commit, re-introducing certain carbs might be a genuine turn-off for a while. Like for me, if I wanna eat something that goes against all the keto god's wishes, I'll eat some pizza. Because pizza is the fucking best. But the next day the keto gods will smite me, and it's paaaainful. I think I mentioned that earlier, but I recommend taking it slowly and not trying to be the keto champion in the first few weeks. However, not everyone experiences the keto flu! Some people are lucky and get to skip that step. I was not one of the lucky ones, so my point of view is like: Take it easy, maybe don't go as low as 20g carbs in the first couple weeks, always make sure to keep plenty of healthy fatty snacks around in order to stave off hunger/self-sabotage out of hanger, and keep super hydrated.

Deleted user June 29, 2018

I feel like I need to edit that as SEVERAL periods of trial & error. Okay, now I'm done, lol.

girl in recession June 29, 2018

I had butter coffee every day last week. I think I'm gonna drop it next week it is SO delicious but adds so many calories I"m trying to cut out 😩

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