Sex, Videos and Gabbapentin in My fucked up life

  • June 14, 2018, 5:21 a.m.
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The past 2 days have been very eventful to say the least. I know I’ll probably say this a million times but my memory is shot dead, so I’ll try to keep it in order and not to just ramble on back and forth. Sunday night was not a very good night for finding weed for him. My normal go-to guy was stringing me along and ended up giving me some mids instead of the normal loud weed that he’s used to. It held him over until Monday morning when I was able to meet up with my old dude.. He dropped off money and we made a date for the next day. I had to walk over to get the loud and I think I ran into Rite -Aid and grabbed another eye brow pencil for back up. I had also got some gabbapentin to hold me over until I see my psych doc on Friday and get my own refill. It can’t come soon enough. I tried to time it out all right. Speedway was my last stop. For those who don’t know, gabbapentin is a nerve pill. It’s like a non narcotic pain killer. It’s first generation Lyrica basically. When it first came out, it was for people with fibromyalgia, as it dulls the way your nerve endings respond to basically anything. Like instead of blocking your pain receptors like narcotics do, it works in the central nervous system. As it became more widespread, they found other uses for it. I found out about it when my mom had them after her head injury and subsequent surgeries. She was an alcoholic so they didn’t want to give her regular pain pills because of her history of substance abuse. Enter gabbapentin. Then, I would take them when I didn’t have dope or subs and it is the only other thing [besides suboxone or methadone] that would help me. Like I said they found it has many different uses. I’m prescribed it as a mood stabilizer. And it’s pretty awesome for my bipolar. No serious mood swinging… it keeps me nice and level. Of course I still experience my feelings but I’m not super high or super low.
Anyway, I was supposed to get a tattoo Monday morning.. because me md him were fighting Sunday. He was totally against it. We actually talked it out. I have to say he has been doing a good job of that, compromising.. he told me that he didn’t want me getting any new tats until I get my old ones touched up. I think I’ll start with my first ever tattoos, which are my kids names. One on each shoulder.
After I had got the bud, smokes and pills I came back home and relaxed until her woke up. He was kinda grumpy at first. But he had agreed to go out with me. I had did up the dishes, swept and organized while he was smoking and waking up. We still have no hot water. He can’t do what I do, which is tough it out under a cold running shower, so I started 2 pans and a pot of water and stuffed up the tub to try and make him a hot bath. My plug isn’t the greatest. It took about 4 trips of boiling water mixed with the cold water to make him a shallow, somewhat warm bath. It was weird seeing him sitting in the bath tub. Yes, I know a lot of guys take baths but he is about 6‘3”. Needless to say it was better than a cold bath but he had a hard time laying down.
After his bath, he was dressed and ready. He was re-packing his bong with his new weed and asked me if I wanted to clear out the old stuff. I took a small, small hit and I was fucking rocked. We made it out to the truck and headed on our way up the hill to the mall.
We were stopping at Rural King, then the mall and finally next door to Walmart. Rural King was fun. We stopped in there to look for a flogger/riding crop. He was so embarrassed. That was basically the only thing we were stopping in there to look for. We have a long one at home and I just wanted to stop in and see what they had. We got a short, orange one with a fat top. I don’t like the ones with the cable or string on top. It hurts way too much and if you’re not really careful I could easily get sliced open.
He was so red when we were checking out and the cashier made it worse by saying “now don’t be beating him too bad with this”. Hahaha.
On to the mall.. which is pretty empty. The Fort Steuben Mall is basically dead. We went to GameStop and I bought him 2 games. I seen a game that I really liked but l wanted to get clothes more than anything. We went to JC Penney for shits and giggles. Their stuff was a little expensive for my taste, knowing that Walmart probably had something very similar for cheap.
We came out of the mall and were smoking a cigarette. I was still high as fuck. We both agreed that it was a good time to get something to eat and headed over to the Eat n’ Park. The salad bar was so good. It was nice to finally take him out to eat. We ate so much at the salad bar that of course when our food came we had to take it to-go. Then of course, we forgot to take our boxed food and didn’t realize it until we were done shopping at Walmart.
Anyway, after we were done eating we smoked cigarettes as we walked toward Walmart. I bought a 5 pack of lace thongs, which I needed. I started wearing underwear again. I have been going commando for some time now. I replaced the one bra I had because the clasp in the front had broken. And they had like 10$ yoga pants. Standing at the checkout, he grabbed a pack of lighters. I always throw my receipt in the bag and for this particular reason. As we were walking out the security alarm started ringing. I didn’t think nothing of it because several people plus me were all walking out at the same time. I kept walking. One of the Walmart employees was calling to me ‘excuse me ma’am!’ and I turned around and she goes ‘I need to check your bag’. I roll my eyes and open my bag up. He had been walking ahead of me and came back to see what was happening. I wasn’t worried because I don’t steal, never have and I knew everything that was in my bag was on my receipt. I thought maybe one of this clothing tags was still on my pants. That maybe the cashier had forgotten to take it off. The lady was pointing at my stuff asking what it was and checking my receipt. He was beyond mad. I was upset because I basically just got embarrassed and she had profiled me. Like he always says ‘you look like you are up to no good’.
Finally we started walking off after he had given her a piece of his mind. I understand that she’s doing her job but it was probably one of the 3 other people that were with me. Whoever it was got away with what they were stealing and I got embarrassed, publicly.
We got home and we took our meds and just lounged around. Things didn’t get interesting until later that night. Because of the mood he was in, he wanted to have someone over to come fuck me, while he watched and possibly join in. He usually uses an app on his phone to talk to people. Its a profile I had made of myself, lots of pictures and is very detailed. He talks to people through messages like he’s me. It’s just easier that way. I’m here the whole time and know what he’s doing. It’s just a way to get a random hookup.
That night though, it was through me that we had the company come over. And I got dude to bring over some cash. Enough to be able to pay my internet bill and have cash left over. Also, he was happy, which is the main reason why I do this. Dude that came over was a biker looking dude, covered in tattoos. But he was decent looking, clean and fit the bill of what we usually look for when we have people over.
He came in and we chatted a bit. Usually just to make the guy feel a little more comfortable about what’s going to happen. I mean shit, I’m a very attractive female who’s good at what I do and about to do it to them lol. It ended up being pretty easy and I got him off twice. My bf was happy with the outcome too and he came up behind me after I was done blowing the dude and bent me over the couch and fucked me hard. It was pretty awesome to be honest because I had an audience.
After I cleaned up a bit, we got dressed and I walked dude outside to his truck. I came back inside and asked him if he was satisfied with everything that happened. I told him that I wanted all the bitching and criticism out now because in a day or 2 when we fight or get into an argument, I don’t want to hear everything that was wrong with what happened.
I took my cold shower and passed out.
The next day [Tuesday] my old dude, came and picked me up. I was supposed to go to Walmart over in West Virginia with him but he ended up having to leave because of an emergency. He gave me some cash and let me run into Family Dollar to grab a queen sixed fitted sheet set, so my bf can put it on his couch as a couch cover. Then he dropped me off at Rite-Aid so I could put money on my pre-paid debit card for the internet bill. I do it online because it’s easier and it’s instant.
I had gotten a text while I was in Rite-Aid about going out to a room, early with my younger dude. I didn’t think that I was going out until later so I went home to talk to my bf about it. I also had to take time to schedule my ride for my psych appointment. My bf was fine with it as long as I get decent video this time. Plus I was supposed to bring home McDonalds and some more bud from the weed dude.
I set up the camera and got some really good vid for him. Only thing is since its like longer than 2 minutes, I can’t send it. Even over Facebook Messenger. The only thing about the video was that I had to set it on the air conditioner so the sound was kind of drowned out.
For once, everything worked out on the way home. We stopped at McDonalds and got my bf food and they told me the worst news ever. The machine that makes frappe’s was down. Ugh.
Stopped at the weed dudes house and came home. We at the rest of our med because he wanted to watch my vid later on. We had a nice, peaceful night. I went and got food from the pizza joint and when I was shaving and taking my shower he watched my vid. And surprise, he liked it. I had taken my meds and was kind of falling asleep while waiting for him to get done playing video games. He got a little agitated that I wouldn’t wake up.. I was falling asleep on top of his cock lol. We had some good ass sex.
And here we are today. I’m a little marked up with battle wounds from the past 2 days but I like marks and hickeys.
The exterminator came in and sprayed and we are about to clean his couch and put the new sheets on them.

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