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  • May 16, 2018, 11:35 a.m.
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I’m quite contentment with where my life is heading right now. Making a plan that sets up your whole life is not as harebrained as it seems. As I am able to go through my daily life really not expecting whats going to happen next but still having a plan as to where I want to be in each given point in my life, makes me feel like I have my life in check.

This plan of mine is very much just an outline. I have the main idea written in bold letters, but then there are numbers under that main idea(s) as to what I need to do to achieve that goal. Under those numbers, there are bullet points, and those bullet points are blank. Bullet points are what I fill in along the way to my journey to reach that main idea and/or goal.

Take for example my very first goal was to be happier. In my opinion, the only way for me to be happier is if I lost weight, I went out more, and I got better grades. Those have now become my three main big ideas under one huge goal, as that is to be happier. Under “losing weight”, I had the number one and that was to eat healthier, and number two was to work out/run. Under number one of eating healthier, I had bullet points and they were blank. I found out what foods I liked that helped me lose weight, and I wrote it down under those bullet points. I didn’t know what healthy foods, recipes, or healthy desserts I liked, but that’s the beauty with those bullet points. I was able to go through life trying new foods, doing new things like cooking recipes I didn’t know how to cook or even existed, and really being exposed to different foods.

Making a plan does not always trap you into a certain lifestyle, or doesn’t permit you from trying new things if the plan is done right. Sometimes long-term goals and plans push you to try new things in life that you didn’t know you could do or realize you really can’t do it but you still gained some type of experience from it. At the end of the day everything is trial and error in life, but starting a plan with the main goal even if it has one main idea in it, you are allowing yourself to push yourself into doing greater things and exposing yourself to different things in life.

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