Willing Victim in Gone Bad

  • April 16, 2018, 12:45 p.m.
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I had the most amazing weekend. So good that I’m not willing to get back into the swing of things yet on this Monday. So I took the day off.

Spent Saturday night with Kayla. Again. So much for broadening my horizons. Every time that girl walks into the room her body is the only one I can see. She’s such a delicacy that everyone else just seems a poor option. A seductress for sure, and I the very willing victim. Funny actually that she texts me as I’m writing this entry. Just to say good morning.. And my body purrs in response to her.

My head still hurts from all the tequila. But that’s fine. It was worth it.

This morning (so far) is just coffee and spending some “quality time” with Male Tamara on Facebook Messenger. lol no honestly, the more I talk with Garret the more I think think he and Tamara are twins separated at birth.

Now it’s just a matter of what I’d like to do with this day off. I’m thinking that some headache pills are probably the first order of business.

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