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  • April 8, 2018, 1:11 p.m.
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japan went great– acchi kocchi, though! we were a bit overextended traveling around to so many different places. i’ll talk about it more later (or not if i forget). it was a good trip. i still understand japanese which was a huge relief. also beppu is still my home forever. <3 beppu <3

since coming back i’ve been in a WHIRLWIND. to give a brief timeline, we got off the last plane (24+ hours of straight travel) and back home at 9PM on 4/4. on 4/5, i went to the doctor to ask her about a bump on my back left leg that had been around for a couple months but suddenly got inflamed (nickel-sized) and painful during the trip, and she elected to just numb it up and cut it out. commented that it looked “more like a boil” than a cyst and went “quite deep”. interesting. it’s been sent off for biopsy, i’ve been sewn back up, i’ll have the stitches taken out 4/12.

so literally right after that i went into work that same day, 4/5, still wearing shorts and exposing the bloody gauze on the back of my leg where i’d just had a nickel-sized lump sliced out, and handed in my 2 week notice. it went better than i’d expected… they took the news ok.

(if you’re wondering about jet lag, the only saving grace in all of these shenanigans is that my current work/sleep schedule is FANTASTICALLY aligned to japan’s waking hours – jet lag was virtually nil, so that’s the only way i’m doing so much and still alive to tell about it)

worked 4/5 and 4/6 like normal, then yesterday 4/7 dono and i drove up to austin to tour houses for rent that we’d seen on zillow. holy crap they were going fast. we’d bookmarked a few, then called that morning to ask about tours, only to be told other renters had literally just signed the lease.

so we toured two at first, and were feeling kinda bummed… they needed a lot of polish still and felt “unfinished”, like they had a lot of scuffs, cracked walls and flooring, etc. (we were looking at 3br/1-2ba ideally under $2k/month rent. so i mean not that crazy i don’t think…) we just got unlucky probably with the ones we could tour that day, seeing as a lot of other agents from houses we’d favorited either didn’t work saturdays or just didn’t answer our calls/call us back to arrange a tour. so we toured what we could. well, we’d been sitting in the parking lot after the 1st tour waiting for literally anyone else from our saved list to call us back, and browsing on zillow from our phones to see if we’d missed any potential contenders… i was giving each new lead a call but not leaving a message in case it was just wasted time. well luckily one guy actually called me back despite not having left a message, and so we toured it as our 3rd house of the day. and it was good :) a basic 3br/1ba house in a convenient neighborhood for each of our commutes, nothing wrong with it, decently renovated/polished despite being built in 1960, a nice backyard with a good tree, and pet friendly. sold! we met the guy (owns the house, has a real estate license to do all the renting himself, mr. fix-it, etc) at jim’s diner to sign the lease and go over the particulars.

LONG STORY SHORT we’re moving in 4/14, next saturday, pending background checks and credit checks which of course should clear.

my new job is giving me 1k in relocation costs but i’m determined to do it as cheaply as possible and pocket that. so we’re gonna rent a truck for big furniture but i’m gonna do all the moving myself. MUSCLE POWER! that 4/14 is my birthday, i turn 30, woop woop..... eh whatever i don’t care i just wanna be moved and have a place to live. so that’s fine with me.

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