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  • March 15, 2018, 1:29 p.m.
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feeling guilty about work. i had applied for leveling (promotions) back before i knew i would get the new job. as a just-in-case sort of thing, right? like if i didn’t get the new job i wanted to level. wellllll, now i know i have a new job, but since my start date isn’t for another month, i don’t want to risk losing my current job early by telling them i’m planning to leave, and having them cut me off instead of keeping me on. (at will employment. :/) so now i’m going through the motions as if i’m going to level… and it’s making me feel so guilty. my now-manager, ben, had a 1-on-1 with me yesterday where i submitted my “business case” for the promotion… and since i’m leaving next week for japan, when all the business cases are being presented, he’s going to present mine for me.

gahhhh i hate that he has to go out of his way just because i’m scared of at will employment. this system sucks. :/ i wish i could just be honest with them and give a 4-weeks notice… but i’m scared of being cut off early and need the money in the meantime, so i can’t.


in ingress i set my ‘home’ location to my old city in japan, and my ‘bonus’ location to a place in bangladesh. i’d searched the forums for a place where they needed help getting new portals up and bangladesh sounded fun. i’m having a lot of fun, seeing a different part of the world through google streetview as i review new portal/pokestop candidates. and i like the feeling that i’m helping connect the world and bring people together :)

so i review portal submissions in japan, bangladesh, and then wherever i’ve been playing recently, which of course is HOME-home. san antonio and austin. geez, austin has a lot of murals.

alt text

i’ve reviewed a lot, now just patiently waiting for other reviewers to come by and validate my decisions. those are the approval/rejection numbers. 44 new portals/pokestops added because of me! it’s very exciting.

if i had things my way, i would retire early and travel around the world, submitting new portals in rural areas. gosh i wish.

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