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  • March 10, 2018, 10:01 a.m.
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i got the job offer!!!!!!!!

i’d been interviewing with a company in austin over the past few weeks… drove up for the onsite on monday, then had one final phone screening on thursday.

75k + 10% quarterly bonus + $1000 relocation + stock options. ho~ly shit.

i make 53k right now (plus some shift diff) so that is an AWESOME pay bump. all those certifications i’d been getting? REALLY paid off! (i know this because a former coworker referred me, and told me what he was making when i asked what i could expect as pay – he was hired on without any certifications at the time, about 5k less)

dono interviewed separately with a different austin company and got his job offer on monday to the tune of 99k. are you fucking kidding me? we’re both getting 20k pay bumps?? a combined 175k income??!!?


so that’s pretty damn cool, and we’re both gonna be moving to austin as soon as we get back from japan (3/19-4/4). oh yeah we’re going to japan for 2 1/2 weeks hah! dono’s first time, excited to show him my past life.. and excited to eat all my favorite foods, and be in such
a safe country again. (says the gun-traumatized american)

i’m gonna level up in ingress today to lvl 12 and i’m SO EXCITED to participate in OPR. more pokestops in san antonio, here we come!

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