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  • Jan. 12, 2018, 9:26 p.m.
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To be honest, and not to fool myself, I am still seething over the way the office lady berated me for calling the maintenance kiosk, where in reality, my having no water in my kitchen faucet should have been a red flag to the staff that there was a frozen pipe adjacent to where my apartment’s plumbing is located. Sometimes, I feel like I would not care if I were asked to leave, but they have no reason to evict me. I can tell you this much. They do not like it when you display a bad attitude toward the office lady. I have always been stymied by that.Do you know that she is also a tenant in this building? Yet she lords her powerover some of the other tenants, those whom have no family that would go to her and “cause a stir” if she were mistreating their family member that live in this building. I have always foundit baffling that she even HAS so much power. What makes her any better than any other tenant. She is going tohave to atone for her sins on judgement day. She is going to have so much to answer for. She has no conscience, no remoarse for all of the terrible things that she has done to people over the years.

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