Why Can't I Get A Sketch Out Of This? in Finding My Funny

  • Dec. 7, 2017, 5:44 a.m.
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The situation is hilariously absurd:
Woman accidentally falls in love with Paul McCartney, despite hating Paul McCartney her whole life - which is also quite funny because it is hardly his fault she was forced to be vegetarian as a child and her parents moved to the arsehole of nowhere, aka Mull of Kintyre - and then gets cross with her boyfriend because he’s not Paul McCartney.

There is pain:
Unrequited love.

There is emotional absurdity:
All she has to do is buck her ideas up and accept what she has or go and find a Paul McCartney type (who she’d hate) [whom she’d hate?] The emotional turmoil is all in her head. Like when you get angry with your partner because they were mean in a dream.

There is no other outlet:
Pain + Repression = Comedy

All the ingredients are here. Logic tells me this is a brilliant situation that should be exploited to make me feel better but all I can feel is my self-inflicted pain from a made up situation which I have the power to change.

… Maybe that’s it. Maybe I can only write funny when there really is no other way of looking at it. I know this situation can be resolved and me sitting here sulking over it, is the pathetic and weak behaviour of a loser. But I don’t know how to behave so that’s why I need to write.

Balls to it. I’m spending 4 days with Tony, he’ll cheer me up, slap me about a bit and help me see the wood for the trees. Tony makes me feel loved. I always get a bit down in the dumps when I forget him, he’s incredibly addictive. But he’s effective. It is in my moments of decision that my destiny is shaped!

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