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  • Dec. 6, 2017, 6:35 p.m.
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6:50 am

Talked with one of my cousins for a little bit this morning. It was one side of the family that pretended that we didn’t exist due to her grandmother. I’m really glad for facebook for connecting family. Maybe one of these days we’ll all get to meet. I would love to have a family reunion. I just don’t know where to have it where it would be kind of centrally located for everyone. I figured it out once for my sisters, nephews and I, (it would be Tennessee), but that was only three states. My cousins are scattered so far and wide that it would take some real thinking, and lol I’m not sure if I could do that anymore. Yes, my brain is that bad.

omg Hobbs popcorn is shipping tins this year. I need to buy one. I don’t care how much shipping is.

I work at Client #1’s house today, which means I get to bring his new comforter to him. I was going to wrap it, but a guy friend of mine said “guys are stupid about things like that and he would probably stick it in a closet and say the one he has is just fine” So I’m just going to bag up his old one (and stick it in the closet lol) and put the new one on his bed. I bet you 20 he’s going to say I’m a “blessing”.

3:50 pm

Well, I was wrong. He called me an “angel”. And I finally figured out what to get his wife, so I have some classical music CDs coming.

He just wears me out with the constant talking. I don’t know why I find that so exhausting. But, it wasn’t religion, or politics. It was all about his days as a flight instructor and Greyhound bus driver. I’ve heard every story a million times, but, meh. Not religion, so yay lol

We had internet issues again this morning. Now no big deal if you didn’t work from home, but Pam works from home. That’s money lost and a ding to her stats. I swear the company does this shit on purpose so you get the new “package” and have to sign a damn contract. Whatever, though. We need the best service and speeds for Pam’s work.

I’ve been going through my pictures for about an hour. I have sooooo many!!! I figured why not go through them and use them for DePhoMo? Now I have a bunch of pics in my DPM folder. I just have to upload them for the entries, and that will wait for now. I still have pictures of stuff to take that I obviously don’t have. I’m not happy with the picture I took for tomorrow, though. I’ll probably take a different one, I just have to figure out what it’s going to be.

5:20 pm

My SI joint has been bugging me on and off all day. Well, now it’s swollen and horrendously painful again. I need to find a way to afford to go to the pain doctor in Columbia… and find a way to get there, because I just can’t take this pain. I know I’ve been saying this a lot recently, but the pain is just as bad as when I first injured it. And it’s happening way too often. I ended up in the psych ward because I wanted to off myself because of the pain. I was out in the garage just a little while ago, and muttered “I can’t live like this”. So, yeah, it’s getting to me mentally. ::sigh::

🌗 Leanne 🌓 December 07, 2017

You are a kick ass angel 😇.
I can not stand being with a person that does not STFU .... I swear I will cut a bitch.

That constant pain will mess with your mentally ... Been there done that sigh the thoughts creep in big time. I do hope you can get to the pain specialist asap.

Gilraent 🌗 Leanne 🌓 ⋅ December 07, 2017

Awww thanks. Pam is the angel, for sure. She footed the bill for me for now. Of course I will pay her back somehow.

Pam is cut from her dad's cloth. Give the shirt off her back to help someone out. Of course, I'm like that, I'm just lacking in the money department most of the time.

Whoever is in charge of the universe (whether gods or aliens) should look down on her and say "right on!"

🌗 Leanne 🌓 Gilraent ⋅ December 07, 2017

Awwwww <3 <3 <3

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