Land off EBay?? in Fall 2017

  • Nov. 14, 2017, 12:37 p.m.
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I saw an anonymous youtuber who lives pretty off grid and bought several land properties for cheap. Said you can get cheap land off eBay. I looked it up and Wow! He was right! Throughout the US people sell their properties for literally a few thousand dollars for several acres or more! Some places looks real nice too! Its something I’d love to possibly do but I dont know if it’s really worth it with how much it could be to hook up utilities..
I think I’d like to at least bring in county water.. I could get solar. And then get a septic set up too. Depending where I live, I could use wood as well, for heat or cooking.

It probably won’t ever happen but my dream home would come with acreage.. Where I could collect wood and possibly hunt or build a garden and have a place for chickens or rabbits.

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