2009-2013 what a time to be alive in Under the Banana Moon

  • Oct. 12, 2017, 11:06 a.m.
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It was four years ago today I forced Meatball to drive me to Sleepy Hollow so I could run around in the leaves by myself while listening to the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack.

I had Megabussed up to his old apartment. When I lived in NY, I’d go somewhere north every fall. Usually I went up to Boston while my friend was going to school up there. We always went to this amazing pub and got Shepherds Pie AND MAGNERS and then the next day we took the RED LINE and got pancakes at this place. Then we would hang out in this bookstore.


My friend’s school…I remember she showed me around in fall 2010, when she was a freshman. (I had met this girl in JP. She was from Alaska, and she was so obsessed with Hilary Clinton that she wore a Hilary shirt to bed every night) ANYWAY. I was amazed by how classy and Hogwarts-like her school was. Especially the way it looked in the fall. IT MADE ME WANNA DRINK BUTTERBEER.

Butterbeer is awful btw. I made it one year and I was so excited and then I tried it and I was like wtf. Granted there was no booze in it but I don’t even think that could save it.

That girl I used to visit up there now lives back in Japan. I was actually planning on visiting her in January and then the whole school thing happened but now I’m shooting for summer.

I’m seasonal. SEASONAL SEASONAL SEASONAL DAMMIT. I wanna do every fall thing possible BECAUSE I AM CRAZY.

This goes beyond basic PSL kerfluffle. I want to spend an entire day rolling in leaves. I want to run around in dead fields listening to my fall playlist (which I’ll post later) I wanna find the small coffee shops in small towns and sit there by myself. I wanna start growing my own pumpkins. Maybe next year.

I wanna go to the Hello Kitty pumpkin patch.

Isn’t it weird that you plant tulips in the Fall and they come up in the Spring?

That isn’t how it is in the Harvest Moon games.

Definitely don’t feel like being here today. I can’t wait to take my bloody brain break. I am going on an extended mental health sabbatical after tomorrow. It’s going to be great.

I’m not succeeding with eating healthy yet. But I have to say I was blown away by the hashbrowns at MCD today.

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