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  • Aug. 14, 2017, 12:55 a.m.
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I don’t know why and I’m not going to analyze why, but I totally identified more easily with female singers and bands when I was younger. I think it’s because I was raised in such a feminine environment that I just identified with the female spirit so much.

One of my favorite bands was The Donnas. I loved them so much. Each album of theirs got better and better to the point where they made some truly AWESOME rock music at the time of their hiatus in 2012. It makes me sad that they aren’t making new music because the world could really use their brazen spirit right now.

Get Rid of That Girl (It was in a 90’s teen movie, if you seem to remember it)

Take It Off (Their big hit)

Too Bad About Your Girl

Dancing With Myself (They covered this for some obscure movie called Mean Girls)

Fall Behind Me


Don’t Wait Up For Me

When The Show Is Over

Get Off (Their Last Single)

Dictynna August 14, 2017

One of my fave songs by the Donnas is "You Don't Wanna Call". Love that one so much!

KissOfLife! August 15, 2017

Wow I've never heard of them.

Deleted user August 30, 2017

I hadn't heard of them either.

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