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  • Aug. 12, 2017, 7 p.m.
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So here is the thing.... dating sims are my guilty pleasure. I freaking love them. I don’t care if they are the expensive ones you pray go on sale, the 15 dollar ones on steam, those cheap free ones on kindle fire you spend months playing to get a single ending.. I don’t care if I am a boy dating girls, a man dating men, a girl dating pigeons… or A dad dating dads.....

I fucking love sim games, and so when Dream Daddy came out I was already going to buy it and play it but fuck it got so damn popular I had to not only buy it but buy it now and not only play it at my leisure but go through every possible ending and every possible way to play through it in two days… That’s right 48 hours and I have memorized every like of script and damn near every available possible choice of reply… o.O

Seriously… I have wasted so much brain space on this game. So I thought I might at least make a post about it.

Dream Daddy is a seriously fun game. It’s story is very inclusive and leaves little neglected. You get the sense you are a dad. Your kid is a big part of your life and the kids of your friends and possible romances are a big part of theirs. One of the things I love most about Dream Daddy is that different playthroughs show the many different aspects of not just the men you are romancing but their children as well.

One date with a dad will show not only aspects of their children’s lives you haven’t seen but the lives of the children of other dad’s in the neighborhood. By the time you’ve played through all the possible different scenarios (Save and Reload is your ultimate friend here) you get a real sense of the characters.

Okay so I have some minor bitches.
I fucking love this is game with a male that can date other men. And I hate people who whine about shit they often pull out of thin air to be overtly pc.. but even me with my very accepting nature can tell there has been some major pushing of gay characters into hetro boxes in Dream Daddy.

And while that certainly doesn’t take away all Dream Daddy offers it is upsetting considering how much better it could of been and how much more comfortable it could of made a majority of it’s audience.

I found myself annoyed that most the men in the neighborhood had wives before ending up with my daddy. Where are the hot gay men ? Is every ONE Bi ? Or they just experimenting ? Seriously… and this is coming from a Pansexual that hates when people bitch about bi people.. I love bi people.. it’s just.. REALLY This is a game about men dating men.. EMBRACE IT

That and any other arguments of that vein set aside you also only get three dates with each daddy and on the third date the end game will trigger so really only two dates with every dad but one if you are trying to maximize your dating. I felt like even upping this to four would of really fleshed out the dad’s more and gotten me more involved in the relationships… BUT

It’s important for me to add the dates themselves are decent length and very well scripted. Add to the fact many of them have quirky little mini games and these dates really are some of the cutest little dates out in the sim dating world.

My favorite Daddy happened to be Robert (I even liked the ending) No Spoilers Here
Although I think the best daddy child moment is between Damien and his Son.
God though

Ernest is my favorite kid just because he contributes to funny moments.

My best kid with another kid moment is with Lucien and Ernest… In which my love goes out to Lucien for the best excuse for his actions ever.

In the end I really liked all the dads save one (Spoiler he’s part of the cult ending.)
And as for the Cult Ending I recommend not watching it until you’ve romanced all the dad’s with ‘good endings’ at least once (keep in mind you cannot get a good ending with two of the dad’s even if you rank S on all their dates)

I even liked the dad’s I didn’t think I would have much interest in. :)

And those are my thoughts on that. :)

Sigyn. August 14, 2017

I've heard nothing but great reviews for that game. I thought about buying it because it's different from all the usual dating sims (and I play a ton of those, mostly otome romances though) but have yet to really do more research on it.

Silver Satan Sigyn. ⋅ August 17, 2017

I adored the game! I too play all the otome games -bows gracefully-

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