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  • Aug. 12, 2017, 3:04 p.m.
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Kristin and I are definitely not having that date. I’m not going to wait two years for a 41 year old to make up her mind. And people say I’m immature. At least I know what I want. So, it turns out that I do have friends. They invited me out yesterday and I didn’t go. I couldn’t find the place and the taco place was a white taco house. Fake tacos. Stuff you can buy at Taco Bell.

So I posted on Facebook that my mom invited me out to get real tacos and how I saw a dead body. Someone got hit doen the street from me. His body was in the middle of the road and they had him covered up. When I came back from eating they were washing away all the blood. A girl and her friend hit him saying that they didn’t see him and that the light was green. He was 61 years old.

Well one of my friends said that I hurt him because he didn’t invite me out to eat fake tacos but to hang out. I didn’t even have any money! He offered to buy me my tacos but that was when we were going to get real tacos in Fayetteville. Tacos that cost $1.75 each and not what they want for fake tacos. Those are more expensive than real tacos.

So we’re supposed to get together and do something. Hopefully we can all get together and then we’ll have 4 of ours cars together.

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