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  • Aug. 12, 2017, 11:17 a.m.
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Managed to get caught up on my sleep and slept nine hours. I feel much better today. Yesterday I wasn’t just tired but was a little lightheaded as well, so we threw alcohol and peroxide in my good ear just in case it had anything to do with it. It was just an all-around blah day yesterday. Despite being tired I couldn’t get myself to nap. I felt slightly anxious yesterday as well, but I’m fine today.

I may’ve forgotten to mention this but the house with the loud car dropped to 110K about a week ago. I guess they’re getting desperate for them to drop it 10K in one shot instead of 5K, and so soon after a price drop. So yeah, they probably did get kicked out and are running out of time.

Not much else to update on, so I thought I would use some questions I’ve been asked as journal prompts like I’ve seen some people do here. Don’t worry, I won’t divulge anyone’s identity. :-)

A friend is friends with someone in which you have a mutual lack of fondness for. How do you handle it?

Well, there’s nothing to really “handle,” in a sense. I mean, I wouldn’t get together with them if they wanted to bring them to a restaurant or something like that, and it would make me feel awkward and uncomfortable to discuss the person if I didn’t care for them and knew they didn’t care for me. But if you’re asking whether or not I would try to dissuade the friend from being friends with them, the answer is no. I would simply rather not hear about them because I wouldn’t want to feel like I had to pretend to be interested in what they said about them since it would be rude of me to tell them to shut up.

Do rats wag their tails?

Every now and then a rat will wag it slowly when they’re happy, but more often than not they will vibrate it quickly when they’re pissed, so tail-wagging is something that’s best not to see with rats.

Do rats make sounds when they play?

Not that humans can hear. They can usually only be heard when they’re pissed or when they’re cleaning each other.

Can the dead influence the living?

Of course not. Why would our loved ones let us suffer in any way if they could? I’d also think they’d help us win the lottery or something like that if they could influence us as well.

Even snow or waterskied?

Once on water, a few times on snow.

Your husbands in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. do you try to break him out?

Absolutely. I’d try even if he were guilty.

What state will you move to next ?

No way to know for sure. Every state we could consider is going to have its pros and cons. Still years away from making that decision.

Like sushi?


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