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  • July 17, 2017, 8:10 a.m.
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My latest experience trying to find Zima at the Food Lion got me thinking about grocery stores. Here’s what we have in this area:

Trader Joe’s- Good prices on some things. Bad prices on other things. I like getting produce from Trader Joe’s; it’s a bit more expensive than other places, but I don’t mind, because the quality is a lot better. The wine selection is awesome and inexpensive. Of course, having worked at TJ’s for over three years, I’m biased (if you have any TJ’s questions, you know who to ask).

Costco- I get applesauce and go-gurts for the kids here. I also get meat from Costco… the foodservice package of chicken breasts, nuggets for the kids, and I like to buy an entire pork loin and slice it into chops myself (I like being able to control the thickness, and it’s waaaaay cheaper). Sometimes I’ll get milk here… cooking spray.... hell, anything I am going to use a LOT of, I’ll get at the Costco. Also, Costco is the best place to get gas. My car uses 93, and it’s a good 25 cents cheaper at the Costco than anywhere else…

Aldi- Crazy inexpensive. I’ll get chips, crackers, cheese, sometimes milk, sometimes condiments (but not ketchup, because I am a ketchup snob), some canned good, and some frozen foods here. Eggs can usually be found on the cheap here- 44 cents per dozen last time I was there. I stay away from the produce here, though. Not good. The staff there is always friendly and helpful, though- especially for the price point.

Target- Decent selection, decent prices. My favourite mainstream (if you will) grocery.

Whole Foods- I’ll go there every now and then, but I rarely buy anything there. There is nothing at Whole Foods that I can’t get somewhere else, and cheaper.

Kroger- We have one. It’s pretty far away, and I don’t go there

Harris Teeter- I go there for sushi sometimes. It’s inexpensive. There is only one in town, though… Prices aren’t great.

Fresh Market- I’ll go there to pick up sushi, but.... yeah. I’m a public school teacher. I don’t make enough money to shop there.

Farm Fresh- Good deli. Good beer/wine selection. A bit too rich for my blood. When I was in high school, this was the white trash grocery, but now, it appears they’ve classed things up.

Food Lion- They’ve renovated the store closest to my house, but if you put fresh paint on a pile of shit, it’s still a pile of shit. Staff is indifferent… at best. I’ll go there if it’s convenient to pick up a couple of things- otherwise I steer clear.

WAL*MART- Avoid at all costs. I just… I don’t go there.

Places in my area I can’t go to....

Commissary- I’m not in the Air Force anymore… so I can’t go anymore (though I kind of think that commissary privileges should be open to veterans, too, but that’s another talk show…) Yeah… some of the prices are good, but then you have to tip the baggers… and I would always end up with a Korean bagging lady who would shame me for being a bad Asian. I used to call it the “commis-scary.”

Places I wish we had in my area…

Giant/Eagle- Yeah, it’s not the greatest grocery store. But, it’s what I remember from my childhood. If I’m up that way, I’ll stock up on some chipped ham and some Islay’s BBQ sauce.

Publix- Never been to one. I’ve heard it’s great, though…

Wegmans- I fucking LOVE Wegmans. If we had one down here, I’d do 90% of my shopping at the Wegmans.

How about you? Where do you like to do your grocery shopping?

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Dream-me July 17, 2017

I've only been to a Wegman's once, but it was amazing. Currently within a mile or so of our house we have a Publix, Sprouts, Walmart, and the world's biggest Kroger. We also have the "Your Dekalb Farmer's Market," which is pretty much amazing and where I would buy all of our produce if it weren't slammed all the time. Within another year, we'll be adding am Aldi and a Whole Foods 365 to that same radius. In 2 years, a Costco. It's pretty ridiculous. Publix has the best customer service of any grocery store, and really good BOGO sales, but other than that, they are pretty pricey. Walmart sucks. We rely on Kroger. Their store brand is really excellent and the one near us (while too big for convenience) has an awesome cheese section where they give you samples and actually know what they're talking about. Nice bakery and deli section too. I just can't handle the effort it takes to hit up different stores, since I'm usually hauling 2 kids with me.

pieces of me. July 17, 2017

I miss Winn-Dixie from Florida. That was my go-to after Publix.

woman in the moon July 17, 2017

I enjoyed this. I think I'll do it for my town/area. I buy groceries at Walmart sometimes. Got some really good produce there and big boxes of Kelloggs K. But it is Walmart.

DesignSlave July 17, 2017

Wait, you can't go to the Commissary? Maybe it works differently, but my stepdad used to go to the PX about an hour away from us for cigarettes when he and my mom were still smoking.

DesignSlave July 17, 2017

Also Food Lion. Ohhhhh Food Lion. That was the closest grocery store when I was still in VA, so we got a lot of our staples there. Indifferent is a great word for the staff.

hot-lips July 17, 2017

I'm also a ketchup snob, I can't do any of these supermarket own brands. Only Heinz ketchup for me. ;)

The Thirsty Oriental hot-lips ⋅ July 17, 2017

Me too!

BonfireHeart July 17, 2017

I loved Aldi in college.. great for when I was on a strict quesadilla diet haha.

In my town we have a Smiths (which I prefer, decent prices, good produce, and a nice store), Albertson's (which is my back up), a local version of Whole Foods (love it but very expensive), and a Luckys.

Stumble Bee 🐝 July 17, 2017

Big fan of Marianos

.:beautiful:. July 17, 2017

I shop at Walmart because it's only a mile and a half from my house, so that's strictly for convenience haha.

Ketchup snob! ... can yinz guys get Heinz dahn in the Carolinas?

The Thirsty Oriental .:beautiful:. ⋅ July 17, 2017

Ha. We're in VA. Yep. Heinz is plentiful here.

.:beautiful:. The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ July 17, 2017

Whoops my bad haha! I'm glad you can get it though!

Gangleri July 17, 2017

Wegmans is amazing. There was one in Binghamton when I went to school there, and I still miss it.

kmh. July 17, 2017

Wow, you have a huge variety there!
Here, we have two major supermarkets: Coles and Woolworths. We also have Aldi and IGA (which stands for Independent Grocers Association.... I think).
We usually shop at Coles, as Jaden is a Coles employee so we get a staff discount - only 5% but it adds up. Plus, the Coles stores tend to be brighter (ie, feels happier) and better laid out than Woolworths, but occasionally I will go to Woolworths - or Woolies, as we call it - to check out if they have anything different I want to try.
Aldi I shop at rarely, although I need to shop at more to save money. I just hate how their trollies (carts, I think you call them) are SUPER TALL AND REALLY DEEP, and I am the opposite of tall so they're uncomfortable for me to push and I can hardly reach the stuff at the bottom of it. I also find Aldi's 'bag it yourself' process a bit anxiety inducing for me, they just swipe those items so damn fast that I can barely keep up and then I freak out and it's all too much. Aldi is definitely a store I should only shop at when I have Jaden with me, he's 6'1 so can easily reach in to the trolley, and he can help with the bagging process.
I like shopping at IGA now and then, because they are independent so they get different products sometimes, and they tend to have really great specials occasionally. But there isn't an IGA store super close to us, Coles is much more convenient.

The Thirsty Oriental kmh. ⋅ July 17, 2017

For some reason, I thought Jaden was like 6'4" or so. Hahaha

kmh. The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ July 17, 2017

I wonder what made you think that? Maybe because I'm short, so in pics he looks way taller than me lol (I'm barely 5'2). He's a big guy in general though, besides the fact that he is currently overweight with a big tummy, but even when he doesn't have that tummy he has a big solid frame, like a rugby player haha.

TellTaleHeart July 18, 2017

Heh, the last several places you listed (except WalMart), we don't even have around here. And we have none of your wishlist places either. :)

KPink July 23, 2017

i love TJs. I shop there a lot. its funny how some of the prices are actually better than at "regular" grocery stores.

Walmart. ew.

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