The Treblinka you daily condone. in Nows.

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Posted on January 11, 2016 Author Basilisk Hound
An orchestra greeted new arrivals as they disembarked to the platform. Within minutes 3 to 4,000 passengers would have assembled in the square. Women and children would be divided from the men and taken to the barracks on the left and told to undress leaving shoes and clothing. Inside the women would have their hair cut off then carrying soap, towel, valuables and documents they’d leave for the ‘bath house.’ Meanwhile the men had been instructed to undress and leave their clothes neatly in a pile. At this point the shouting of the SS and guards would intensify urging naked men women and children to file passed a ticket booth and hand in their valuables and documents. They were marched down 400 feet of alley bordered by flowers and fir trees called ‘The Road to Heaven.’ After a minute they would see the handsome stone building w/ five wide concrete steps that lead to large ornate doors. The procession of the condemned approached the gas chambers and people began to back away in terror. At that point lashings of clubs were used. At each gas chamber there were five to six Germans with their dogs With clubs and lashes they drove the people into the corridor of the gas chamber and then into the chambers themselves. The guards would then turn on the engines. Through pipes exhaust gas was fed to the chambers. The process of asphyxiation began The guards would look into the chamber through special observation slits to see how the killing process was going. Gradually the noise in the chambers subsided After about fifteen minutes the motors were turned off An unusual calm set in. — From Treblinka2 The archeological dig

Because even the T4 Nazis tried to hide what they did.
Do I hate the Nazi’s? Yes. Yes I do.
Do I hate Temple Grandin. Yes. Yes I do.

‘I will end with a quote of hers that she often thinks while helping to slaughter cattle. We all know that when we had the Bais HaMikdash, that we were to consider the animals we brought for a koporrah as representing ourselves. She has similar thoughts. She called the ramp she made for cattle to more easily ascend into the slaughter hold, “The Stairway to Heaven.” ‘ Ring any bells?
Here is what she says:
“One night when the crew was working late, I stood on the nearly completed structure and looked into what would become the entrance to heaven for cattle. This made me more aware of how precious life is. When your time comes and you are walking up the proverbial stairway, will you be able to look back and be proud of what you did with your life? Did you contribute something worthwhile to society? Did your life have meaning?
‘Kosher slaughter.’ Ironic.
Since the Jews were ourselves… is this what they thought? And what did she contribute. I don’t think she should ask herself that.

Edit* February 21, 2016..
Last Treblinka death camp survivor Samuel Willenberg dies

7/16/2017 ***Re-posting this with the end that never happens. Youtube actually no longer has the real ramp footage I posted last time with this article. And I can no longer find my blog that featured this article 3 yrs ago. Thank God for e-mail drafts.
And if this shit actually worked, I’d buy them all. The kid in this film, reminds me of my kid. Girl balls and all.


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