A Current Affair in The Stuff That's Not Interesting But Is The Most Interesting Stuff I'll Write

  • June 11, 2017, 4:57 p.m.
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I’m currently in the middle of yet another massive “self-help” entry that will take me weeks to complete, so I thought I’d fill this out.

Current book: Last night, I just finished re-reading Something Like Winter because I’m eagerly anticipating the release of the Something Like Summer movie. I’m trying to figure out what to read next.

Current music: I am really digging Witness. I know Katy Perry is really polarizing right now, but I quite dig the sound. I’m also trying to delve into Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie because it’s a really interesting album for them.

Current film: I found myself re-obsessed with Just A Question of Love and From Beginning to End. I can’t really watch Hollywood films any longer if they have a romance between a man and a woman. I don’t know what’s happened but I feel absolutely no connection to those films any longer.

Current TV show: If you must know, I’m watching a ton of I Love Lucy.

Current self-image thoughts: Oh really? We’re gonna ask that question?! Well, I’m trying to be honest about that and really see myself. I mean, I’m 33 and I’m not anywhere close to fat, so that’s a plus.

Current clothing thoughts: I have too many.

Current guilty pleasure: Gatorade.

Current drink: I’m having coffee.

Current food: I’m so excited that I can steam rice again.

Current website: Well, I’m here, aren’t I?

Current app: I’m a fan of Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat is fun but I forget about it. And I took Facebook off my phone so I can only check it while I’m at home.

Current game (video, phone or otherwise): I still need to resume playing the original Tomb Raider game that I started a few weeks ago on my PlayStation 3.

Current project: Figuring out where, how and when to move.

Current goals: As above.

Current triumph: My plumbing is fixed.

Current trend: I am a trend

Current wish: That I could get my head together so I could fuck the teen actor right.

Current struggle or dilemma: I’m trying to find my sweet spot between my paralyzing anxiety and need for attention.

Currently missing: I miss my friends.

Current excitement: I don’t get excited anymore.

Current feeling: I’m okay. Nothing spectacular is happening but there aren’t any disasters either.

Current weather: It’s kind of overcast and chilly right now, which I’m happy about because it’s supposed to be 108 on Tuesday and I fucking hate the heat. Another reason why I need to move.

KissOfLife! June 11, 2017

Geez, I think that's most Hollywood movies. As soon as I see a male and a female lead and co-lead at the start of a movie, I'm like, "Well, duh, we know how this is gonna turn out" and sure enough.

I thought you already had fucked the teen actor right lol.

I still have to listen to 'Witness'. A bit of it was playing when I tuned into her live stream but she was asleep when it was 7am there so I left.

That is a dilemma :/
What flavour Gatorade do you like most?

~Octopussy~ KissOfLife! ⋅ June 17, 2017

I'm a grape Gatorade guy.

Deleted user June 30, 2017

Interesting !

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