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  • April 21, 2017, 1:35 p.m.
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During class yesterday, I was invited to a birthday gathering for a junior student. My partner was one of my senior classmates. She has been going through a breakup and as I worked, she worked through it in her head and verbally here-and-there.

“We’re going out tonight for C’s birthday. You should come!” she says “We’re going to the club!”

Club is a misnomer. It can mean a great many things.
Had I taken her up on her offer, I would have found myself at a strip-club with a handful of MT students ten years younger than myself.

I was flattered to be invited by a younger crowd and accepted.
I politely declined.

I’ve not been to a strip club before -
and should I go, I would like to take Husband for the first trip.

That would be entertainment of a whole new variety - haha! :D

Maybe someday. Maybe not.

The invite was awesome.
Being confided in, even more so.

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