Bike Video and Foggy Sunrises in Pictures by the Bay

  • April 20, 2017, 2:21 p.m.
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Wednesday night I went over to Michelle’s. We put in another 4.5 miles walking and this time, I took my quad in a backpack. When we got near the Wed Night Bike Riders, I set up and filmed them.

When I took it down and was putting it up, a Security Guard came over. Told me it was unlawful to fly a drone near a Federal Courthouse and she was supposed to confiscate my equipment. WTF!!!!!! I explained to her that I took off on the sidewalk and never faced the Building. I had went down the middle of the street filming my friends. She said she’d just give me a warning. Geez, I knew you can’t fly near the Whitehouse, but flying down the middle of the street passing the Federal Courthouse is illegal? I really didn’t know. But it’s okay for a large group of cyclist to pass by.... Hmmm.

This morning, I flew again to get some shots over the fog. It was terribly thick except for a small area on the Causeway. He’s how bad it was:

There was a goose where I flew and it didn’t seem to matter to him that another “bird” was around

And here’s some pictures :)
 photo DJI_0003-2_zps2zdwc1h5.jpg
 photo DJI_0008_zpsqf68yh9u.jpg
 photo DJI_0010_zpsaqb0tvek.jpg
 photo DJI_0015_zpszluyhvii.jpg

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