• April 20, 2017, 7:49 p.m.
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Y’ALL KILLED IT WITH THE ADVICE, YO. Especially advice on my socks. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE SOCKS. I swear I don’t wear them out of the house. EXCEPT WITH FLIP FLOPS, OF COURSE. (I’ll respond to everyone later today!!!!)

I crushed so hard yesterday. SORT OF LOL.

Grocery shopped on the way home, which, I can hardly ever make myself do on weekdays because it’s a huge pain, as I have to take a bus.

Got home, did a load of laundry, showered, COOKED A MEEEEEAL. Fish tacos, yo.

I also got ingredients for a shrimp dish, and chicken was on sale so MY FREEZER IS FULL OF LEAN PROTEIN RN.

Brought a bunch of shit to work I can eat instead of vending machine garbage. 10 boiled eggs, snap peas, errthing for my fish tacos… I think I left my baby sweet peppers at home but OH WELL I’LL GRAB THEM TOMORROW.

I eat shitty vending machine food at work cos I never bring anything and going to new lunch places gives me anxiety. HAHA. So I just don’t.

Our “vending machines” are actually a little marketplace with refrigerators and freezers, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. I tend to eat wraps and sandwiches and stuff. But still, processed-ish food. So having my own food will help.

I didn’t work out last night, but that’s cos I spent THREE HOURS making those fucking fish tacos cos I’m not familiar with the recipe and did shit in a terrible order.

Also I was motherfucking starving by the time I got around to cooking, so I wound up eating like 1700 tortillas while I cooked, LOL WHOOPS, LOADED UP ON BREAD PRODUCTS ANYWAY, I AM GARBAGE.

But I brought the tortillas to work so I’m back to zero snackable carbs in my home, which is good for when I get stooooooned.

I did not realize what a habit it is to always buy beer when I’m at a grocery store, till I was checking out feeling like I forgot something. I am a tool.

I am definitely going to have a drink or two tonight because I have an awkward social engagement. And tomorrow is Kyle Kinane, soooooo. Yanno. But from then until next Friday, it’s No Booze.

I think that alone is probably gonna help, cos I do tend to drink beer almost exclusively (for alcoholic beverages lol, not BEVERAGES IN GENERAL), and that’s a lot of calories.

Maybe I can get to the wellness room this afternoon and do a quick lunchtime workout, if my clothing permits.

My main concern is scheduling this shit so I actually do it. Exercise, but also PREPPING FOOD. If my Sundays are for LP in the future, I have Saturday to get my food shit together for the next week. That’s always where I fall apart, especially if I have a mild-to-moderate hangover on Saturdays, which let’s get real, I USUALLY DO.

I bet most of my life problems are solved by not drinking, LOL. I wouldn’t smoke (cigs) hardly at all, and I wouldn’t feel too tired to do shit on the weekends.

BUT ALCOHOL IS FUN AND GOOD. I wish I knew how to drink super moderately, but I struggle to turn it off, yanno? When I start drinking, and I’m hanging with people and having fun, I just keep it rolling until it will inevitably make me feel like shit the next day. I just don’t know how to make my inebriated brain listen to my sober one. Like. Hey, remember when you really didn’t wanna be hungover tomorrow? MAYBE DON’T HAVE ANOTHER DRINK?

Drunk Brain doesn’t get me at ALL.

But even that’s gotten better in the last year. Not great, but better. It’s all about… ACTUALLY caring what happens in the rest of my life. And I’m finally reaching the point where not being able to do anything cos Hangovers is actually annoying enough to SOMETIMES shut off the reverse leaky faucet that is my mouth when I’m around booze.

Legit, seeing my body in a fucking mirror helps. I don’t… look at myself ever. It’s partially cos of my inconvenient mirror placement, and partially subconscious avoidance.

If you wanna trick yourself into thinking you will always look 22, just don’t look in mirrors for the following 6 years. It works! UNTIL IT DOESN’T. LIKE NOW. LOL. So, I’ma take weeeeeekly…? Yeah weekly pics, and keep a notebook of my measurements.

Now time to figure out how to make myself keep up with shit even when I have no motivation, which will be probably every day of my life after next Friday.


Firebabe April 20, 2017

After a week? I'm surprised you didn't give up halfway through this entry.


In my limited experience, when you start to eat better, then you start to crave the better foods over the crappy stuff you've been eating. Believe me, I was never more shocked than the day I realized I was craving a salad instead of a bacon cheeseburger. The cook at the Char-Grill won't even look at me anymore.

One Angry Dwarf Firebabe ⋅ April 20, 2017

SHUT YOUR MOUTH I'M V GOOD AT KEEPING UP WITH THINGS. hahahaha fuck. I have never finished anything I've started, EVER.

LP constantly tells me he's "craving vegetables" and I hate him for it. Ugh. Maybe if I eat enough veggies, though, I'LL GET THERE.

Just Call Me R April 20, 2017

So if you do want to get boozy at some point but don't want a shit ton of extra calories or sugar, grape vodka with soda or tonic water and a splash of lime is DELISH.

girl in recession Just Call Me R ⋅ April 20, 2017

^^ that does sound delish!

girl in recession April 20, 2017

wooo heres to being healthy! i'm right there with ya...

Deleted user April 20, 2017

Happy to be on your case about this
The habit is tough to form, but definitely worth it

Gangleri April 21, 2017

I'm semi in awe of people that work out during lunch. If I did that I'd end up with a massive puddle at my desk for the afternoon.

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