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  • March 20, 2017, 6:02 p.m.
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Not that anyone has been paying attention, but hey! No biggie!

It’s okay because I go through ups and downs in my geekery anyway. Sometimes there’s a lot of it that gets gushed out everywhere. Other times… not so much!

PS4 Things!
- I play Diablo III religiously still. Not much has changed there except that I have finally moved beyond hard mode and am no longer afraid of the Torment levels. Yay!
- I have a new game called Star Ocean. Didn’t get good reviews, but it’s right up my alley and I like it so far.
- I Am Setsuna is also a very good game!

3DS Things!
- Yokai Watch! I know it already has a sequel, but I played this game as a demo at Comic Con when it was brand new and I loved it! It’s as much fun as I remember.
- Rune Factory 4! I actually just bought this one and haven’t played it yet. It was sort of an impulse buy and I have no idea what to expect, but I can always return it if I hate it.

PC Things!
- Non-existent. The video card is shot so I haven’t played Guild Wars 2 or Skyrim in like… a stupidly long time. It’s sad. I know. :’(

I don’t have the PlayStation VR system yet because money. It’s expensive, but I’m saving for it and it will be the next big piece of technology I intend to buy. I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED I STILL CAN’T HANDLE MY LIFE! I don’t even care that people don’t care about it. VR is where I want to be!

I also really, really want to get one of those stations that you can actually walk around on and stuff. I think they are being called ‘interfaces’, which track your movement and everything. SO COOL! NEED!

The Nintendo Switch seems really cool and I played the new Zelda game on it. It was spiffy and I really liked it, but I don’t know if I can justify buying yet another system for one game. But it’s mobile also! And also not mobile! It’s pretty cool! But… I mean… not worth it. But Nintendo! ZELDA! Not worth it… I DON’T KNOW!

- KuroMukuro needs to have season three as soon as possible, Netflix. Seriously.
- I just finished watching Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. God. Tore my heart out. I cried so hard. It was so good.
- I will probably never finish watching FairyTail because I am pretty sure it has infinite episodes and won’t ever be over for all eternity. I still think it’s pretty good though. The constant fighting is repetitive, but the stories are interesting enough to keep me hooked. Also, dragons.
- I am still in love with Blue Exorcist and I am so glad there are episodes being updated on Crunchy Roll. I love the style of it so much!
- I watched Amnesia and was really sad that it was basically a girl’s wet dream about dating all the boys she knows while apparently also being a complete airhead. There was potential for a great story there, but I hated the girl so much. Why did the blue-haired one have a strange power? You should not add things if you aren’t going to answer questions!
-Durarara is hard to get into, though I am told it’s really good by many people. I don’t… get it I guess? Does it all come together at some point? Who are all these people and how are they related? It makes no sense. Why is there a headless demon lady on a cool motorcycle? Where is her head? Why is the angry man so angry at the boy in the black jacket? WHY IS HE SO STRONG! Who is the brainwashed girl? What are the students even doing? Why is the pharmaceutical company kidnapping people for their ‘materials?’ I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS AND NO ONE IS ANSWERING THEM!
- I finished Chihayafuru and I am sad it’s over. It was so cute.

–a i u e o–

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