I need to give the drinking a rest for a bit... in A New Chapter

  • March 20, 2017, 6:27 p.m.
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I am not drinking tonight! My stomach hurts, even when i breathe in deep or yawn. I really need to slow down on the drinking. Im going to try not to drink all week, including this weekend. Last night I drank too much and woke up hungover a bit and then my stomach started hurting really bad when I got up for work. It still hurts but not as terrible. And Ive had this yellow diarrhea(sorry for the TMI)for the past weekend. Im pretty sure its from the excess drinking.

Im risking my heart flailing into palpitations again everytime i drink too much. I need to give it a rest. I’m 31 and want to go in to a Pharmacy Tech career where I need to be healthy and alert. Ive got to start trying to change my lifestyle!

Im terrible when it comes to fastfood! I literally eat it everyday! Ive made a promise to myself to quit fastfood next month when I pay off my hospital bill(Yay! Almost there, Btw). It’s going to be extremely hard because I am so used to eating it. Its easier to just get fastfood on the way to work than cooking it everyday. Or when Im out and about with my client, we’ll usually just buy fastfood while we’re out.

I think that I should ty to eliminate the breakfast sandwiches, hamburgers and taco bell type food. If im gonna eat anything out, i need to make sure it is decent and healthy, but I definitely need to limit myself from eating out. My bf and I usually eat out once a week, so I should at least limit myself to that and maybe I should eat a salad or a wrap instead of what I’d normally eat. That will help with the debt too. During the week, for dinner, I need to eat more vegetables and fruits. I know I’ve been saying this a long time, but I really need to try. I’m eating like crap again and I can feel my heart stressing, especially if I eat fast food.

I need to find time to go for walks. I actually do have time when I get off work, but I get lazy and never go. Instead, I make a screwdriver and sit on my ass getting drunk. I’m so out of shape, my legs hurt from walking just a little hard for a little time. I’m scared to even weigh myself. Something needs to change, even before the end of school. My bf convinced me to work on myself after I get out of school.. In the very least, I should be walking everyday and eating healthier.

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