Why in Dead Words

  • March 20, 2017, 12:58 p.m.
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I lost my health insurance…
It’s an absolute cluster fuck. I’m on all these medications I can’t afford or stop taking abruptly. I’m already depressed, tired.. and anxious… and now I feel like I might have to start all over again! All because they messed up and told me the wrong place to send a pic of my ID. I have an up and coming doctor’s appointment.. I just.. can’t handle this.. I can’t do it.

I am so goddamn tired… I was using everything I had to push myself through each day. Trying to be better, trying to feel better.. trying to focus on all the good in life while pushing through the fucked up mess that is me.

I needed more meds, better meds.... I was on track to getting them and with one swipe it’s all washed down into nothing. This was my last hope and it’s gone. I am so fucking tired. So fucking sad.

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