OctoPhoMo 2012 in Announcements and General Info

Revised: 09/30/2012 1 a.m.

  • Sept. 29, 2012, midnight
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01 Something Orange OR Something that starts with “O”

02 Fall Leaves OR Bonfire

03 Your Favorite Character OR Werewolf or Wolf

04 Crazy Clothing OR Breast Cancer Awareness

05 Favorite Autumn Outfit/Outerwear OR Oktoberfest

06 Political/Election Related OR Crazy Hairdo

07 Historical OR Mythological

08 Tim Burton OR Holiday Tradition

09 Favorite Scary Movie OR Photo Negative

10 Pumpkins/Pumpkin Patch OR Ten of Something

11 Corn OR Scarves

12 Spooky Halloween Dessert OR Graveyard

13 Favorite Autumn Drink OR Blood

14 Skeleton OR Witch

15 Candy or Caramel Apples OR Something You Love Doing

16 Football OR Squirrels or Woodland Creatures

17 Spiders or Webs OR Fear

18 Superstition/Supernatural OR Luck (good or bad)

19 Candles OR Something Black (not black cats!)

20 Black Cat OR Zombies

21 Jack O’ Lanterns OR Scarecrows

22 Monsters OR Your Camera/Phone

23 Pets Dressed Up for Halloween OR Something You Hate Doing

24 Hayride OR Christmas Decorations

25 Halloween Decorations OR Haunted House

26 Domestic Violence Awareness OR Frankenstein

27 Ghosts OR Vampires

28 Candy OR Autumn Scenery

29 Bats OR Masks

30 October Birthdays OR Full Moon

31 Trick or Treat OR Halloween/Costume Party

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