Erotomania in Stories

  • Feb. 23, 2017, 12:19 p.m.
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I finally started writing. a story.

A lady at work, Sharon, has been taking writing classes at Pima Community College. We talk about writing and the process and classes and things, and she finally brought in some samples of her writing.

1 is a story of a 50 something black woman who meets a 50 something white man at costco. It’s a romance and adorable! I LITERALLY (in the absolute true sense of the word) laughed out loud.

the other story is a vampire, shape-shifter, witch, werewolf story. It was a little slow, but its getting there. She needs to give me the rest. Her writing is very good and simple. I like it a lot.

So I had an idea and I started writing and so far so good. My ideas keep flourishing and its exciting b/c I usually try a story and get stuck.

Anyhow, my idea is based surrounding a mental health condition called Erotomania. It’s a condition where the person affected believes a person they have fixated on is in love with them.

My story is from the first person perspective of a woman who has this condition and it started very early in life. The intro is her talking about her 5th grade year about a boy she was stalking.

She has similar stories that get progressively worse, but in each case, she does something that causes the death of the target or someone close to them.

I let Dylan read the first part of it, which initially seems to be a YA fiction, so its not bad, but I’m hoping it gets bad.

I will probably post the sections here, to keep track and hopefully elicit some feedback. though I am very nervous and scared.

I want Tyler to read it, but he doesnt really read fiction AND he’ll assume there is real people or thoughts behind my characters and that is annoying. So, Im not sure I can trust his opinions about my writing.

I could show Sharon, but I’m a little nervous about that too. Im scared my writing sucks. lol

I’ve written things then went back and was like, what the hell is THIS crap?! lol

Happy Girl February 27, 2017


Lunchbox February 28, 2017

I really liked the first part of your story. Hopefully you post more because I'm intrigued!

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