Find each other in Connection Point.

  • Jan. 27, 2014, 7:12 p.m.
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Find each other.

Lobbastah January 27, 2014

I found you.

KPink January 27, 2014

I still miss you! :)

Katie Kizzle January 28, 2014

Found you!

SweetMelissa March 09, 2014

I hoped you would start writing. What a bummer that you aren't. I am not taking you off the bookmark list or the friend's list. I'm keeping the hope alive.

Mermy Cullen March 16, 2014

Ewwww your so 100% bloody gross!! LOL

Mermy Cullen March 31, 2014

You are so 100% nuts lol

Mermy Cullen May 10, 2014

lol once again you are a crazy ass muggle but Thanks I needed a kick in my magical ass to write an entry...Happy now?

Mermy Cullen May 26, 2014

yea,something like that said I need to have a few disk removed maybe that are making my leg numb.

Mermy Cullen July 07, 2014

Lol no that's my ring my dad got me years ago. I never take it off.

Mermy Cullen August 11, 2014

lol you would be the one to see those guns and yup there fully loaded also....Living in UT you can shot first and ask Q's later... No they did not cut to the point of bleeding or I had used one of those guns on that bitch..

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