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  • Oct. 5, 2016, 10:08 p.m.
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About 10 years ago, I had a huge crush on this guy and he was obsessed with this band called Justice, which most people think are a Daft Punk rip-off, but I remember them as having some of the best dance music I’d ever heard. Completely on my own, I became obsessed with them and even saw their show in San Francisco.

They had some of the best music videos, but they just released a new single after like five years of silence, so I’m super excited! Anyways, here’s some fun Justice music....

This is the song EVERYONE knows because it was huge.

This music video is very upsetting and the song is even more irritating so unless you really want to know what Stress sounds like, don’t press play.

On a side note, I used an excerpt of this as part of my dance final at Cal Poly.

I got my little brother Chuckie into this song so much that he actually went as DVNO for Halloween one year. Good times…

When Civilization came out, I was soooo excited. I thought this music video was so endlessly inventive and I watched it over and over again.

This song is my favorite song by them of all their older albums. And the video is sick, I would totally watch sports this crazy.

And then this is their new single.... I LOOOOOVE IT!!! And the lyrics are a bit too real. haha

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