20 Minutes of Late-Night Thoughts in The Town of Llareggub

  • May 31, 2016, 5:47 a.m.
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Ten years ago, people looked at me funny when I declared that some people LOVE being offended. Now, everyone knows it. Hell, they rule the internet. Though they’re becoming less popular in real life, because people are getting tired of that shit. A lot of people are finally waking up. Or gaining the courage to speak. This is just a small taste of what’s to come, I do think. There will be rebuilding after the storm.

I’ve been keeping my butterfly makeup bag and a pink makeup tote here in the living room because I’ve been putting my makeup on in natural sunlight in the afternoons. It’s more pleasant.

I don’t eat red meat myself, but I usually hate vegans. Arrogant judgmental fucks, most of them. Nasty and some of the most intolerant people there are. You know, most people who preach tolerance are about the most intolerant fucks I’ve met. Totally intolerant of people with different perspectives from theirs. Political correctness gets in the way of tolerance, because it demonizes anyone who does not speak a certain prescribed way. Tolerance shall never be achieved through witchhunts and blacklists– they only spread more intolerance.

I like people with great senses of humor. People who don’t try to suppress other people’s freedoms or decree to them what they should and should not find funny. Especially the “should not” part. Such arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude. I prefer to live and let live, generally.

It’s also funny to me how a lot of people who claim to hate religion treat their own beliefs with such religiousity, demonizing all who dare question their sets of beliefs, especially those who for short little moments, make them question their own.

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