4/24/16 9:27am .. Creative Writing, Prince, And Whatever Comes in My mind In This Mornings Writing in My Coffee Spot

  • April 24, 2016, 9:49 a.m.
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COFFEE: Folgers(Black Silk)
CREAMER: 2% Milk
SWEETENER: Store Brand of Sweet and Low (3 packets)

EATING: 1 Stella Doro cookie/biscuit & Store Brand Energy Bar(chocolate fudge brownie

WATCHING: HLN Weekend Express and now Unsolved Mysteries from Fri on my dvr.

WEATHER: Sunny, cloudless, cool, probably about 60.

Yesterday i copied and pasted pages from the creative writing course i found online, into my Creative Writing book in here. i’m glad i got all that done. i’m still a bit confused at a comment i got on the 1st session… unless its about the 1st exercise. There was no reason for that lol comment except for the 1st words on that 1st exercise. i wish ppl would say why they comment like they do… instead of just an “LOL” …

i’ve always loved writing in various forms. i just aways wanted to write a story, but didn’t know where to start even if had an idea. i was happy to find that free “course” online. i was looking for something that was free and no registration. i need something to spark my creativity! It did bother me when i got that LOL comment. i mean wtf?! its just a site to help ppl write! People should think before they comment on others posts. I’m not being sensitive about it. i’m just confused as why they said that. That person hasn’t commented back on me there either. Anyway…

i just got over a very wicked migraine, so i haven’t written anything from that course yet. When i start i have a few books i can write in from exercises they give you. i’ll pick one, i’m not sure which one yet or if i post what i write online. if i do post something online… other then a haiku .... i may keep them private. i dont care about comments good or bad. i just want any story writings i do just for my eyes.... at least for now. Hard to explain, that’s just how i feel at the moment.

i had to stop a few times in writing this to help my mom and i had 2 phone calls. 1 call was from my sister who’s sick with the flu for the past week and her doctor told her to take tamaflu.. so she’s not on any antibiotics. She wanted to come see mom today but thats out. Not only because she feels like crap, but she can’t get my mom sick!! That’s all my mom needs and she’ll be in the hospital again! i just hope she feels better by Mothers Day.

Was talking to my aunt too. Last night we watched the SNL Tribute to Prince. i know he wasn’t on there alot, but the last half hr they did a skit of the actors on SNL doing a Prince Talk Show. My aunt was more upset then i was. i was just disappointed the real prince wasn’t on for that half hr. My aunt called it insulting and dumb. i didn’t care for the skits myself. i just wish they showed more of the 40th Anniversary after party to fill time! i haven’t checked other places online yet about what others thought of the tribute.

it’s just so sad about his death. We’re losing so many icons i grew up with! :(

Well its almost 11am. i’m going to stop now.

I’m glad NASCAR is on this afternoon at 1pm!! :) .. great day for it!

Drinking rest of my coffee.. will be heating it up since its now cold.

Stopping at 10:48am

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