Winding Down in The Town of Llareggub

  • April 23, 2016, 7:49 p.m.
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Long afternoon, sun and wind, stretching into mid-evening, and I look at the clock and can’t believe it’s still light out.

Finally dark and all my energy spent, I’m sitting on my bed, little black dress draped across the top of the laundry pile, shiny black push up bra beside me on the bedspread, cooling off. I take two cotton balls and use one to remove my eye makeup, with some of the solution from the dark blue bottle at the back of my drawer in its special place. The other is for toner, since I managed to wash off my makeup in the bathroom before retreating to this darkness. I grab one of two toner bottles from the front, not being able to tell in this lack of light if it’s the hydrating or the perfect cleansing toner, as both are identically shaped– extra tall, cylindrical, with wide tops that require the firmest twist of my hand to remove. Feel the coldness against my skin and still can’t tell, not that it matters much, as both of them cleanse and provide some light level of hydration. I’m sure to rub the edges of my face and under my chin, where remnants of makeup are most likely to still cling, and though I can’t see if I removed any on the cotton ball or not, I feel very satisfied and unfold across my bed in just my seamless hipster, needing to recuperate from walking and heat and maneuvering through crowds of crazy strangers.

Deleted user April 23, 2016

Still light here too

blackpropaganda April 24, 2016

A lovely evocation of end of day relaxation

Always Laughing April 25, 2016

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