4/14/16 - Aunt Taking Us To Mom's Doc Appt on May 6th!!! Stella Doro Biscuits!! in My Coffee Spot

  • April 14, 2016, 10:18 a.m.
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COFFEE: Folgers (Black Silk)
SWEETENER: 2 Tbsp. sugar
CREAMER: International Delight (sweet cream liquid)

EATING: 2 Stella Doro biscuits( Roman Egg flavor )

WATCHING: Unsolved Mysteries on dvr.

WEATHER: Sunny, cloudless, mid 50s, cool

Before i start i have to mention last night i tried to get the wax out of my right ear, and since i did it last night my hearing is muffled now in that ear. Stupid me. i’m not doing it again. I could hear out of it fine, but the day before my doctor said he couldn’t see my ear drum and to use that kit they have in the store. i should of only did it if i couldn’t hear out of it!! i just gotta wait til it opens up now. it started to open last night before i went to sleep. But since i woke up i closed again. i know from past experience i’ve had this happen, now its just a waiting game! it just sux eggs! ESPECIALLY when i listen to my music at night with my earphones! i have to keep the ear bud a little out of my left ear so its not so loud in one ear and the music level would be balanced in both ears. Mymom had a wax problem last month. We went to her doc and the nurses took out the wax in both her ears. Before that both her ears were muffled. She was happy to hear again!!

i just had to stop writing to take mom to bathroom. And when i did my ear opened up a lil! Not all the way, but enough to where its not so muffled! Better then nothing!

This morning i woke up at usual time at 9am to give mom her pills w/oatmeal. When i woke up something came to me… mom’s doc visit in smithtown. Thats a trek!! it would be the 1st time i drove there myself with joan’s car. We were only there once so far when a friend showed us where that was. Easy to get to. Its just like in a galaxy far far away as far as i’m concerned! Id put gas in her car when i go myself. But i’d rather go there a few times before i did that, and used her car for that long drive. My aunt is coming out from the next county over to see us and take me to the store so i could go food shopping. i just thought of it.... why don’t i change her appt on the 9th, to the 6th when she comes out! i called her 1st after i gave mom her pills and breakfast, and asked her if she could take us and she said yes. So i called the doc office to see if they had a morning appt for that friday. I was waiting for a let down! BUT to my surprise they had a morning appt for her doc for that day!!!!! YAY!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! I DON’T HAVE TO DRIVE THERE HA HA YEAH!! :D

Also if i kept her appt for the 9th, it may be the same day that my laptop would come and i dont want that out on our step when we’re out.

Yesterday my neighbor gave me 2 packages of stella doro biscuits. We love them she didn’t know that though. She gave them to me so i could have something with my coffee. Perfect timing because i didn’t have anything for my coffee at that point. i think also she gave them to us because she’s trying to lose weight. Anyway, i’ve never had these particular ones. They’re really great! i haven’t bought this brand in quite awhile. i pass them in the store but i just dont think about them really. i wanna get the ones with the fudge in the middle next and the “S” ones that my mom likes.

i gotta take dog out now and feed her..


Moglie americana April 16, 2016

I haven't had Stella Doro in years!!

TechnoKitten Moglie americana ⋅ April 16, 2016

yeah me either! i was so glad to get them!! :)

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