4/12/16 - Ninja Coffee Bar, My doc visit later, Wet Weather Madness! in My Coffee Spot

  • April 12, 2016, 8:19 a.m.
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COFFEE: Gingerbread Creme from Big Lots
SWEETENER: 3 Tbsp. Real Sugar
CREAMER: International Delight Cinnabon Flavored liquid creamer!

EATING: 2 caramel cadbury eggs

WEATHER: Raining, nice dark and gloomy!

WATCHING: Just turned tv on & infomercial came on catching my attention! But now Bobby Flay is on… i’m changing it to weather in a min..

I was going to start this with my doc visit today and then my neck, but then i turned on my tv and was glued to my set! Ninja has a coffee machine now!! BUT, this isn’t just a coffee machine! Its like a coffee god!! lol. It does all sorts of coffee! It doesn’t even use those lil coffee pods ppl buy! Thats a major plus for me because i’d rather buy reg ground coffee in cans like i always do. I just see those stupid lil pods as more expense! id rather just brew my coffee the regular way! It does 4 different types of coffee, reg, rich, iced, specialty. You can brew one cup for yourself (my coffee cups though hold almost 2 cups of liquid… i drink a cup and a half of coffee all the time), or a a pot for more ppl! You can make lattes, cappucinno’s, etc. I’ve done them myself without the machines, like heating milk on the stove, etc. But to have a machine like this… god i’d be in love with it!!! The catch is it’s expensive. tv has it as 5 payments of about $45. But doing it though the phoneline or online they take a payment off. i have some time to think about it. i’m not getting the money thats owed to me from my former job for awhile. But even though im getting the money and could afford it… it is a good chunk of money. i want to get a laptop too. We’ll see.

The official site: NINJA COFFEE SITE

alt text

I realize now this is the same machine that sofia vegara sells in her commercial. i don’t know why i didn’t remember this watching that infomercial! Or that i didn’t get that same awe as i got watching this and not her ad.. anyway.

Its already lil after 10. i have a 1130. i still have to get ready for my doctor visit, take pup out and feed her too.

i’ll be quick writing this because i think sandy wants out now and i wanna finish this.

Basic visit today. but i’ll get the results of the blood work and urine i did. Plus he has to give me scripts for a mammo and sonogram for my left breast to do in june because of a nodual they’re watching. i just hope i dont have to do that needle test they do to test if its benign. i’ll do it of course! i just hate needles and never had it done.

Its raining out and when i leave its supposed to be very bad! i just hope it doesnt thunder because my pup will freak out and i wont be here. it would have to be bad when i gotta go to the docs. I dont mind driving… i do have joans car again and will have it till tomorrow afternoon(mom has heart doc appt tomor). i’m just glad it wont be raining tomorrow when she has to go out!

ok i gotta go and get things ready..


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