4/6/16 ** Food Shopping Day ** ** Taco Love ** in My Coffee Spot

  • April 6, 2016, 10:09 a.m.
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COFFEE: Folgers (Black Silk)
CREAMER: Non-dairy powder plain
SUGAR: 3 packets Sweet and Low store brand

EATING: Buttered toast sprinkled w/parmesan cheese

WATCHING: Nothing at the moment. Tv’s on but its on dvr menu.

WEATHER: Sunny and cool but not as cool/cold as past two days.. Although earlier this morning it was really chilly in here even with heat on.

Today sometime joan is letting me borrow her car again. i don’t know exactly when. She’s going to call me anywhere from now to 1pm. i just have a feeling im not going to get the car til sometime after 2. i know she has to watch her soap opera. Thats fine though. i can wait. i got stuff here. After she gives me her car, i’ll drive her home and see if my mom has to go to the bathroom before i go shopping. I’ll have her car til tomorrow after i get my mom to her doc appt in the afternoon.

Tomorrow my bluetooth earphones are going to come from amazon!! i cant wait! i’ve never had wireless bluetooth earphones before. They’re gonna be fun to use! The colors are my favorites too.. red and black! They’re probably gonna come when i’m at the doctors with my mom. But thats fine. Package will fit in my mailbox im sure..

i’m hungry for tacos!!! i love tacos! They have some new stuff in the freezer section of my store that look interesting! i think the name of them are Evol. I saw two different flavor boxes on there. One has onion in it. Sounds great! I love Ortega for making my tacos. But i like trying different things. And the Evol is on sale for 2 for $7.

i have a list of stuff to get in my phone. i cant wait to shop :)

i gotta take my dog out again and help my mom with something..


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