3/26/16 in My Coffee Spot

  • March 26, 2016, 8:55 a.m.
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COFFEE: Folgers (colombian)
CREAMER: Non-Dairy powder & milk
SUGAR: 3packets Sweet and Low (store brand)

EATING: Just finished a piece of Edwards Chocolate Creme pie & a Cookies and cream Poptart

WATCHNG: Unsolved Mysteries on dvr

WEATHER: Feels like 40 outside and i was cold this morning. i think its supposed to go into the 50s today. Sunny and clear but with a cool brisk breeze.

My mom wanted me to thaw out the edwards creme pie yesterday. i did it for her but i was trying to keep it for this weekend. i knew it would be too much of a temptation if it was thawed out yesterday :) i was right, its half eaten by us lol. i totally LOVE Edwards Pies!!!!! They are so creamy dreamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alt text

Hopefully next month i’ll be able to get Equal for my coffee. They didn’t have the store brand this month when i went so i got the Sweet and Low one.. Equal is MUCH better. i just wish they weren’t so fuckin expensive! Cutting sugar from my coffee is a big thing for me because i drink so much of it. i was on a low carb diet for awhile but i haven’t been able to do that lately. So i have what i want with my coffee like the poptarts, etc. Cutting sugar from the coffee DOES help cut the sugar. if i added real sugar that would be just added carbs. so the artificial sweetener does help in the long run. i drink diet soda too. it helps, both are still sweet so i’m fine with the sugar substitutes. Eventually i’ll go back on low carb dieting. But for now i just grab whats convienent .. Anyway

i’ll be back later probably!!

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